Twitch Rivals Warzone: results of Team Pow3r, Team Delux, Team Velox and all the other Italian teams

In this news we will discover the results of the Italian teams at the latest Twitch Rivals of Call of Duty: Warzone, including Team Pow3r, Team Delux, Team Velox and other very strong streamers

On the occasion of the arrival of the brand new season 3, the usual was held, as always Twitch Rivals su Warzone and, for the occasion, they were invited several Italian teams, including well-known faces such as those of Pow3r, Velox, Moonryde, Delux, Berri and others, of which we will soon discover results and placement. Before moving on to the actual results, we invite you, if you are a Warzone player, to take a look at our latest guides to the best weapons of the new season and fixing an annoying bug.

Twitch Rivals Warzone: top 40 for Team Velox and Team Delux, top 20 for Team Pow3r and all other results

What does this competition consist of? It’s about a competition by invitation, in which they were well challenged 49 teams in trio for a total of 147 participants between streamers and pro players. The tournament, after a qualifying phase, was held all day today: April 27, 2021. Give her 16:00 all 21:00 (Italian time) the teams had to play a series of matches and, based on their score of kills and placements, they totaled a series of points valid for the ranking. Let’s find out the results of all the Italian teams involved in order of placement.

  • 8) Team Savyultras 90
  • 12) Team BerriTV
  • 15) Team Moonryde
  • 22) Team Pow3r
  • 29) Team Velox
  • 37) Team Delux
  • 39) Team S7ormy

Twitch Rivals Warzone: results of Team Pow3r, Team Delux, Team Velox and all the other Italian teams

A performance all in all quite positive that of the Italian boys involved in this competition stand out above all the eighth place of Team Savyultras90, the twelfth of Team BerriTV and the fifteenth of Team Moonryde. Congratulations, therefore, to all these guys who have raised the tricolor flag also in Verdansk in the 1984 version. To have, however, a more complete picture of all the Rivals and the whole ranking, we leave you the official link of the dedicated Twitch page .

Let us know if you followed the event and who you cheered for. To stay up to date on all the news from videogame world and beyond keep tune in on To buy videogames a discounted priceinstead, head over to Instant Gaming.

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