Stray: released the gameplay with a new release date

After some time in silence, Annapurna’s latest effort, Stray, returns to show itself with new gameplay and a new release date. Let’s go see the details

Stray was certainly one of the most interesting news of the PS5 showcase. The title immediately captured the attention of the public thanks to a rather original mix of elements. The protagonist of the story is in fact a cat who has to try to cross a city with strong connotations cyberpunk. After months of silence, Annapurna released a video gameplay where some game fragments of Stray with a new one exit period.

Gameplay with a new release date for the highly anticipated Stray

Stray, title developed by BlueTwelve and distributed by Annapurna Interactive, had appeared for the first time in one of the past showcase by Sony. Today, Annapurna posted a new gameplay video of Stray on social channels, moving its release to the first months of 2022. If already in that first teaser many people had immediately identified originality of the game, with this new gameplay we have somehow confirmation. The cat protagonist of the events finds himself lost in this silent city futuristic cyberpunk style and must try to return to his family. To help him in his movements there will be a drone backpack.

Stray: released the gameplay with a new release date

In the video shown, as well as better understand the narrative context given by the total lack of human beings, we can also notice the variety in the gameplay. From environmental puzzles to sections platformiche up to real chases, the title will confront the player with different situations. Finally, it seems that the protagonist cat should make your way in the midst of little beings that are not exactly friendly. In the course of the video we can also see some sequences of combat in which we are going to eliminate the threat of these little creatures. Recall that Stray will be released in the early months of 2022 for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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