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Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

In this guide by Stray we will go to illustrate where we will have to go to find all the memories of B-12

After several months of waiting, finally the game on the cutest furballs, nice and dominatrix of mankind has finally come out. Obviously we are talking about Stray, a title published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by the BlueTwelve studio, and that numerous animal lovers (specifically, cats) have been waiting for for some time, since its announcement in 2020. It is a videogame adventure in third person and platform features that follows the story of a cat, found himself in a city populated by robots, machines and viruses (here you can find our review).

After having fallen into the abyss of this town, the cat aims to return to the surface, accompanied by a drone called B-12. While commanding the kitten we will be able to climb walls, jump obstacles and interact with various environmental objects, with the drone we will be able to store the items, penetrate inside the various technological devices and solve puzzles necessary to advance further in the story. In this guide by Stray we will focus on B-12, trying to express in the clearest and most concise way possible where to find all the memories of him.

Hunting for memories in Stray

There is an important reason why we need to figure out where to go to find these memories: in Stray, they they are fragments of the past that our companion B-12 can scan to fill the gaps within his mind, thus going to be a guide on the state of the world in which the game is set. These keepsakes will be one of the main collectibles to look for, and they are a total of 27 fragments all positioned in the various areas of the game that can be visited during their journey. So let’s see where they are located.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

The Apartment (1/27) – Stray: Guide on where to find all the B-12 memories

Our guide on where to find the memories of B-12 will start from the very beginning, starting therefore from the apartment: it will not be so complicated to find the first fragment, indeed, it will be obtainable automatically after checking the mural with a beach depicted on it.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

The slums (2/27 to 8/27) – Stray: guide on where to find all the memories of B-12

Continuing this guide on where to find all the B-12 memories, you will now need to find yourself with your back to the Guardian, and head down the steps below. Climb up to reach the red roof with a circular arrow symbol on top. Looking behind this sign you will find a dead robot behind a series of suitcases, and by scanning it you will get it the second memory.

The third memory will be a mysterious item sold by the Merchant, in exchange for three cans of energy drinks. In Stray there are a total of four distributors scattered throughout the game:

  • On the opposite side to the musician Morosque, under the stairs near the Guardian
  • In the alley near where you enter the area, next to the “Human RIP” graffiti
  • On the balcony above Rozey, the robot sat watching TV in the alley
  • Directly under the roof with the sofa and TV, where you can change channels, next to the shelf

The fourth memory it will be in the upper area of ​​the bar, you will get it by inspecting the bowl of food on a round table. The fifth memory will be inside Momo’s apartment, at the top of the slums: head through the curtain to enter the bedroom area, and check out a video game poster. The sixth memory it will be in a back alley near the area you entered, and can be obtained by looking at the graffiti on the wall near the dispenser needed for the third memory. The seventh memory You will find it by going down the stairs to the left of the Guardian, turning left into the first alley and climbing the painting placed on the wall above the air conditioners. The eighth memory This is achieved by scratching the door of Elliot Programming, then going upstairs and checking the plants in a pot and in the toilet.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

The Rooftops and Dead End (9/27 to 11/27 and 11/27 to 14/27) – Stray: guide on where to find all B-12 memories

After passing the second group of Zurks, you will jump through a crack and you will find yourself in front of a neon sign from which you will receive the ninth memory. After defeating the Zurks and opening the gate, look left to find a billboard stuck in the ground, which it will have the tenth memory. Per the eleventh memory, this will be achieved automatically once the chapter is finished.

As for where to find the memories of B-12 in the Dead End part, the twelfth memory it will be assigned once the chapter begins, by turning left and checking the shutter before going down the ramp. For the thirteenth memory you will have to climb the pipes, climbing until you get to the top of the AC units, walking to the end of the path and through the hole in the fence, finally turning right. For the fourteenth memory you will have to approach the manicihino next to Doc, after meeting this character in his apartment.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

Le Sewers and Villantenna (15-16 / 27 and 17-18 / 27) – Stray: guide on where to find all the memories of B-12

After the gate is unlocked by Momo, go down the straight path until you find large pockets of Zurk on either side; then go down the path to the left getting rid of the bags, then entering the air intake on the left. Go through the vent until you reach the other side to find the fifteenth memory at the top of the railing. For the sixteenth memoryOnce past the eye-patched area jump down onto the large pipe, drop down onto the smaller pipe on the left and then go through the vent on the right side of the wall.

In the first chapter of Villantenna you will automatically get the seventeenth memory by Stray. Instead, for the eighteenth memoryfrom the starting point of Villantenna you will have to climb the first ladder, walking up to the one near the branch of a tree: the memory will be on the wall adjacent to the ladder.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

Infracity (19/27 to 25/27) – Stray: guide on where to find all the memories of B-12

This part of the guide covers perhaps one of the most full-bodied sections of Stray, where we are going to find the most memories of B-12: the nineteenth memory you will automatically receive the subway station while the twentieth memory you will get it by climbing the stairs and exiting the station, turning right and climbing the shelves of Ledoc. For the twenty-first memory you will have to go to the alley where Albert is sweeping, get on the dumpster and then up to the orange sign.

In the center of the city you will find a large hologram of a robot, and next to it a robot sleeping on the sofa; crossing the open window in front of the robot and climbing the ladder you will get the twenty-second memory. The twenty-third memory it will be obtained by going to Mattbee’s shop, climbing into the ceiling space and looking at the entrance. The twenty-fourth memory he will find himself scanning the image of a Sentinel on the wall, after stealing the Atomic Battery and thus entering the security room of the large hologram. The twenty-fifth memory it will be inside the nightclub: go behind the counter and use the small elevator to go down to the area below, finding the memory in the center of the room.

Stray: where to find all the memories for B-12

Prison and Control Room (26/27 and 27/27)

Last part of our guide on where to find all B-12 memories in Stray: for the twenty-sixth memory, After locking the Sentinel in the cell during your escape, look to the left after passing a gate to find a rebooted robot. In the end, the twenty-seventh memory it will be received automatically after entering the room. Once you have found all the memories a trophy will be unlocked, and also an extravagant backpack from B-12 that you will wear when you replay the chapters within the save.

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