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Streaming will never be the same with the Razer Stream Controller X

Razerthe global leader in lifestyle gaming, launches Razer Stream Controller Xthe latest innovation created for the Razer ecosystem of devices designed for the streaming.

Razer Stream Controller X

This stream controller is designed for the most demanding audience, to have maximum performance during gameplay sessions or normal video transmission.

Thanks to 15 programmable LCD buttons in a compact format, streamers are now able to easily flash the lights of the stream, play custom sounds or switch between applications with a simple click.

The Stream Controller X is based on the Loupedeck Softwareguarantee for compatibility play-and-play with all major streaming platforms: OBS Studio, Twitch, Streamlabs, Adobe Premier Pro and many others.

Also, with access to the Loupedeck UI, streamers can seamlessly install popular apps, plugins, and emotes to enhance their streaming experience. Among the most popular plugins we mention Spotify, Phillips Hue, Adobe Photoshop e Voicemod.

Additionally, Loupedeck’s full suite offers streamers access to pre-set native profiles, equipped with predefined macro-features that are easily modifiable to meet each user’s needs.

The stream controller is equipped with customizable icons, the ability to create coordinated themes or floating GIF icons with users’ favorite charactersi, not to mention the efficient multi-tasking, which allows you to easily switch from one profile to another and create a folder system capable of ensuring organization and order during streams and everyday life.

Finally, Stream Controller X also features a removable 50° non-slip magnetic support. For more information on the Razer Stream Controller X, click here. Instead, for more information on Razer’s #WinItYourWay, you can on the following link.

Razer Stream Controller X is available on the official Razer website and from authorized resellers at the recommended retail price of 179,99€.

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