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Must-have PSVR2 games: our guide after 60 days of virtual adventures

Almost two months have passed since the release of the PlayStation VR2. How is the new Sony viewer doing? But, above all, once the initial (deserved) hype has passed, what games can we bet on with our PSVR2?

PSVR2, the viewer and not just the games

Let’s start by making a couple of considerations about the device, after having had it in mind for a while. Did it meet our expectations? In our opinion, definitely yes! The PSVR2 has proven, in our opinion, one of the best gaming oriented virtual reality products of recent times. Only flaws? Not a huge starting lineup albeit with high quality and a slightly higher price than expected. But we have already talked about this last point.

Unfortunately, to date, it seems that sales of the device could be better. In fact, according to some market estimates, the Japanese multinational seems to have sold 270 thousand units at the end of March 2023. Some market analysts suggest a price reduction to increase sales. We, however, are not very convinced of this for two reasons.

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The first is that from February to April there are no major holidays or anniversaries; so many customers may have missed that cue to “snatch the whim”. This problem may even resolve itself at the earliest opportunity. The second reason is that sometimes, with this type of device, a reduction in the shelf price also entails a reduction in the quality of the materials. It’s not about bad intentions: are the laws of the market.

And now what are we playing?

It’s true that the lineup isn’t huge yet, but it’s equally true that there are some good titles. After two months, most of who bought a PSVR2 you are probably looking around to understand what’s next, of the games made available, on which to bet. Or, others are deciding now whether to make the purchase but want to make sure there are titles available to their liking.

In the editorial office we had the opportunity to try out some games and we want to point out five of them which, in our opinion, stand out from the others. For each of these we will tell you a strength and a weakness; but everyone, know it, could give you hours of satisfaction in virtual reality.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

giochi PSVR2 horizon call mountain cover

Call of the Mountain is, of course, the title that we liked the most. Absolutely unrivaled technical quality. We were even dubious about mentioning it because many have definitely taken it bundled with the headset. For those few who haven’t, know that the game is beautiful and you can’t not play it.

In Call of the Mountain impersoniamo a soldier of the Shadow Carja named Ryas engaged in a mission to recover his brother Urid and save the city of Sundial. During the mission we will face all the typical elements of Horizon; give her climb ai fights both up close and at a distance with cars.

The controls are fluid and designed around the concept of virtual reality. AND literally impossible to suffer from motion sickness (motion sickness) unless you really go looking for it.

If you haven’t played at least one of the two games in the Horizon saga it becomes a bit difficult to appreciate the history. A somewhat short but intense story.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

giochi PSVR2 star wars tales from galaxy edge cover

We all agree that Star Wars needs no introduction. The name alone is a guarantee of a unique game (most of the time, at least). Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge does not disappoint and takes us into the world of Star Wars with a perspective never seen before.

The game is basically a FPS with exploration and puzzle elements. We take on the role of a droid repair technician who is launched into an adventure that will lead him to become a hero. We will be offered some recovery missions in which we shall solve mysteries e take on patrols of Imperial soldiers.

The story, albeit a bit short, is definitely unforgettable. The game makes a excellent use of the features of the new viewer.

We found inventory management a bit awkward at times. The movement is simultaneously available in both continuous and discrete modes and, at times, it is a little misleading.

No Man’s Sky

PSVR2 games no man sky cover

No Man’s Sky absolutely is a classic. A classic with a somewhat haunted start; we all know, but also a classic that has given us a lot of all updates at no cost, including the move to PS5. As it was first launched in 2016 maybe it’s already in your libraries following some past offers.

For those who have lived under a stone, in No Man’s Sky we play the role of a space explorer moving through a procedurally generated universe. We have to succeed survive in hostile environments gathering resources and improving the technologies at our disposal.

And run-in and solid gameplay with all expansions already available. Even if the technology is new, the title is a guarantee.

There are no gameplay changes. If you have already finished it once, you might not be that interested in doing it again from the beginning.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

giochi PSVR2 jurassic world aftermath cover

The one proposed by Jurassic World Aftermath Collection is one formula already seen and quite well tested. We have to survive dealing with dinosaurs who have come back to life thanks to genetic research. The goal is to manage to escape from the island of Nublarwhere we are following a plane crash.

This game is a puzzle game with stealth elements. Despite the designers we have chosen a very comic style (it really seems to be inside a comic book) manages to keep the tension always quite high, without ever becoming horror.

Challenging, but also accessible to casual gamers not being horror. THE puzzles are interesting and make good use of PSVR2 features.

It becomes sadly a bit repetitive in the second part.

After the Fall

after the fall cover

The last title that we offer, After the Fall, offers another very well-established formula: waves of zombies to kill. The setting is that of one Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles (in fact it is immersed in ice) in which human beings have to survive by organizing themselves into gangs and making their way with weapons in hand.

The game is a Extremely fast-paced co-op FPS. The story is mostly a frame, but the goal is to shoot non-stop. It is always played in teams of four. In the absence of online friends it is possible to play with three bots but, we assure you, that one will not give you even half the fun it is designed for.

Fairly immediate game although with collaborative mechanics; to be exploited by coordination. If you are a fan of the genre, these zombies are for you.

The difficulty of the game it goes up very quickly; second no it is not particularly suitable for casual gamers. Must be played cooperativelyor; Fortunately, it supports cross-platform play.

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