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Street Fighter 6 announced with a teaser trailer

The countdown that appeared a few days ago on the Capcom website has ended, revealing the brand new Street Fighter 6 through a teaser trailer

It thundered so much that it rained, and in response to the suppositions of the videogame audience, the hypotheses have really turned into truth. The reason for this sentence is to be found in the end of the countdown that appeared a few days ago, as we promptly reported on the Capcom website. The most attentive had not escaped that the end of this countdown would coincide with the final stages of the tournament linked to the most famous fighting game of the Osaka house, an element that had led to think of the announcement of Street Fighter 6. And once in a while the assumptions turned out not to be wrong, with the game actually being announced, via a teaser trailer.

Street Fighter 6: a teaser trailer confirms the existence of the game

The news related to the reveal of the game did not show much, if not the short video that you find inside the news, which is limited to showing Ryu e Luke. Since this is a game still in development, as clearly indicated in the video, it is still difficult to extrapolate any other information about it, but new details were confirmed arriving in the course of next summer. Rumors relating to the existence of the title had already spread over the last few years, with a hypothetical release set for 2021, then postponed due to development problems (which led to the release of the historic producer of the series Yoshinori Ono). Below you will find the teaser in question.

At the moment, the teaser trailer hasn’t hinted at a launch window for Street Fighter 6, just as the platforms on which the game will be available have not been revealed. Some rumors, however, speculate that it will all be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. If confirmed, it would be a return to cross-platform reality for the series, after the exclusive parenthesis for PS4 and PC inaugurated by the fifth chapter of the franchise.

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