Struggling arriva su PlayStation 4 e Xbox One thumbnail

Struggling arriva su PlayStation 4 e Xbox One

Frontier Foundry, the game label of Frontier Developments, has announced that Struggling, developed by the Montreal studio Chasing Rats Games, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One theSeptember 8. Below we present the official trailer.

The Struggling trailer, coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Struggling it’s a platform co-op based on physics in which a maximum of two players control the arms of our meaty hero, Troy, as he sets off on a scandalous adventure. Climb hungry rats, whiz on a motocross bike, and fly over pools of unmentionable trash, all in your epic quest for legendary Gods Abominations.

Use a partner’s soggy appendages for face the ultimate challenge nellin local cooperative mode, or take total control of Troy’s limbs with your own hands. Either way, be prepared to test yours coordination skills to their limits as you grapple with puzzles in increasingly bizarre environments.

Struggling has earned great praise at a number of industry events including Best in Show, Best Art Direction, Best Audio Design e Public’s Favourite ai Montreal Independent Game Awards, Top 4 Coop Game of IGN at PAX East e PC Gamer’s E3 Hidden Gem, just to name a few.

Struggling’s eye-catching art style combines comedy elements e horror to immerse players in a hilarious but disturbing world. Our soft-footed protagonist will have to solving puzzles increasingly challenging physics-based, using it momentum e inertia to swing through four visually unique worlds.

Like any self-respecting laboratory experiment, Troy is a character in constant change. Players unlock one set of game-changing powers as they navigate increasingly difficult environments. These new abilities include the slowing down of time, the detachable arms which Troy can make creepy crawl and ability to graft its appendages into the environment.

Struggling will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneSeptember 8, 2021. At the moment the title is available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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