Bosch Car Service: 100 years celebrated with a five-episode web series

Bosch Car Service: l'evoluzione nel corso di un secolo di storia thumbnail

One hundred years of history to be told in five episodes of a web series that traces all that Bosch Car Service has been up to now: this is the launch that the Automotive Aftermarket division of Bosch Italia, from next 27 August on the websites .it and, will do to celebrate its centenary and that of the main innovations in the world of mobility and the evolution of the aftermarket sector.

Bosch Car Service: the evolution over a century of history

From 1921 to today, the year in which the first repair shop was inaugurated in Hamburg, we have come a long way: today, in fact, there are 15,000 company reference points present in 150 countries in the world. A history of global affirmation which, over the course of an entire century, has accompanied the motorist with competence and professionalism.

The story of this centenary with Federica Masolin and Davide Valsecchi

The faces of Sky Sports Formula One as special storytellers. To them the task, in the company of a mechanical ideal of trust, to review everything that has been in the workshops in recent years: from services to technologies, passing through the world of mobility; on an ideal time line sequenced of twenty years in twenty years.

Bosch Car Service: keywords and next goals

Competence, professionalism, efficiency, quality, evolution: these are the watchwords of Bosch Car Service workshops which as time passed have increasingly established themselves as global references.

What about the next goals? the consolidation of the worldwide network with new partners and then the increasingly marked and accentuated introduction of digital services that can respond to the needs of users. A punctual and customized system, such as that of the MyBoschCarService online estimator, which gives a customer the possibility to obtain a quote for a desired service for their car quickly and immediately.

One hundred years “traveling” in history towards a new second of progress and evolution.

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