Subito motori svela il successo delle due ruote, regine del mercato nel primo semestre 2023 thumbnail

Subito motori tells the success of the two wheels

The success of two-wheelers in the first half of 2023 is revealed by Subito motori.

The two wheels qualify as an increasingly multifaceted means of transport and used in all seasons.

Subito motori reveals the success of two-wheelers, queens of the market in the first half of 2023, source DepositPhotosSubito motori reveals the success of two-wheelers, queens of the market in the first half of 2023, source DepositPhotos

The two versatile and flexible wheels

The flexibility of use both in home-work trips and in leisure situations. And the possibility of avoiding traffic jams and the ease of finding parking.

All this, combined with lower management costs, is convincing more and more Italians to use two wheels as their vehicle of choice.

To support this trend seasonal adjustment of the two wheels. The mild climate of the first months of the year facilitates playful use. And motorcycle tourism to discover the iconic routes of the Belpaese.

In summary, that of the Italians for two wheels is an unchanged passion. In 2023 it is extending to more segments of the population.

The analysis of Subito Motori

This and other elements emerged from the analysis carried out by Right away. On the research done on the platform to draw up the word ranking. Of the most searched brands and models in the first quarter of 2023 in the Moto&Scooter category of Subito Motori.

And give

Con over 151 million searches in the Moto&Scooter category only. AND a number of daily active users that exceeds 265,000, Right away provides an authoritative point of view on the used two-wheeler market.

Thus tracing the main and most widespread user behaviors. The data confirms a 7.1% growth in the average ad posted daily. Compared to the same period in 2022 and which now stands at nearly 4,200 new listings per day.

At the same time, the phenomenon of seasonal adjustment. This has already characterized the sector since 2020. Testified by constant research throughout the year. And not only concentrated in the typical spring and summer months, peak registrations and changes of ownership.

I data Of Right away they confirm a lively used market compared to the registration data of the new one. Both for reasons related to trends and fashions on ‘evergreen’ models. For a constant preference for more agile and flexible modes of individual transport compared to four wheels.

Subito motori reveals the success of two-wheelers, queens of the market in the first half of 2023, source DepositPhotosSubito motori reveals the success of two-wheelers, queens of the market in the first half of 2023, source DepositPhotos

Motorcycles and their multiple versions dominate the charts showing a particular Italian aptitude for agile solutions on city routes but stable enough to tackle mixed routes and motorway stretches. Therefore, the Honda-SH and the Yamaha T-max are firmly at the top of the ranking of the most sought-after models, even if a great design and Italian classic such as the Vespa remains stable in first place. Italians also love iconic brands e status symbol, come the timeless Harley Davidsonthe reliable BMW and the unmistakable Ducati.

Top 10 models

The Vespa remains the first love of Italians. The big scooters are confirmed but icons such as the Ciao and the Booster are back in the standings.

The ranking of the most sought-after models crowns Vespa as the favorite model of two-wheel enthusiasts in the Bel Paese.

The flagship scooter from Piaggio remains firmly among the preferences of Italians in both the vintage and more recent versions.

Honorable mention goes to Vespa PX (6th place). It gains 4 positions compared to 2022 and which after the end of production is becoming the obsession not only of collectors, but of a growing slice of lovers of timeless design.

I maxiscooter Honda-SH (2nd place) and Yamaha T-max (3rd) could not miss from the podium: reliability, agility in traffic and agile character certify them as urban icons. Piaggio Beverly (4th) came close to the podium and confirmed itself as a highly appealing two-wheeler especially for the female public.

Making an almost unexpected return are Piaggio Ciao (8th) and Yamaha Booster (9th)the undisputed masters of the generation born in the 80s established themselves as timeless solutions for all budgets.

Finally, BMW GS (5th) and Honda Africa Twin (7th) remain permanently present, models on the market since the ’80s which, thanks to the mastery of the manufacturers, have been able to renew themselves without ever losing that enduro soul for travel in comfort but also agile enough to cover any city street.

The most loved brands win the easy riders and lovers of timeless brands but with a surprise

The top ten of the most loved brands confirms the success of Harley Davidson and that spirit of freedom and the roar of the twin-cylinder capable of uniting the Harley Owners.

BMW follows on the podium (2nd), thanks to the wide range of touring and enduro, educated (3rd) that both in the track and enduro versions remains for many the dream to realize at least once in a lifetime.

Noteworthy is the emergence of KTM (4th) which, both for the quality of the bikes and for the emotions that the team led by Tony Cairoli and the sprinters of the MotoGP World Championship is giving, remains a brand that is always appreciated despite having lost one position compared to 2022. It enters the top 10, Suzuki (10th), the Japanese company which since 1909 has put models on the market which have since become true icons of the motor world.

Top 10 keywords, small engines and niche passions win

The analysis of the most searched words within the Motorcycles and Scooters category, net of brand and model, reveals that the Italians prefer the comfort of small engines and the search for emotions related to multi-road and off-road driving.

The word 125scooters and 50s occupy the podium confirming the growth of agile solutions without the need for an A license, in third place we find “50”, That salt in preferences compared to the last survey, displacing “motard” from the podium which drops to 4th, testifying that mobility in the city is at the top of the needs of Italians. But among the top positions we find other keywords related to the world of motorcycles: “quad” at the 5th, “cross” at the 6th followed by “trial”, “pit bike”, “enduro” and “epoch”.

All off-road two-wheelers also emerge or for prevalent or exclusive sporting use within closed circuits; motorcycle therefore for pure leisure and passion. Among these, the interest in Pit Bikes is growing in particular, gaining a position, for exclusive use on the track but, on the other hand, without the need for road tax or insurance.

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