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Succession will end with the fourth season

With the release of the fourth season, the successful HBO series Succession will come to the end of its run

Succession is preparing to reach its conclusion. Starting Sunday March 26 the first episodes of the fourth season of the HBO series will arrive, which as revealed by the creator of the production, Jesse Armstrong, will also be the last. Started in 2018, Succession therefore comes to a conclusion five years and four seasons later, with a not indifferent haul of awards obtained. With the fourth season, therefore, the journey of Succession ends and now the curiosity is skyrocketing to see, starting from March 26, how the story produced by HBO will end.

Succession: the creator of the series talks about the fourth season

The news of the end of Succession was given by the same Jesse Armstrong, creator of the series, who spoke in an interview with The New Yorker explaining the reasons that led to the decision to put an end to HBO production. Armstrong explained that the decision has been made for some time, so the fourth season was written to be conclusive and this is already excellent news because we will be able to see the ending designed for the series. There was some uncertainty about the timing to announce the end of Succession, in the end they chose to do it close to the release of the fourth season, not to do it after the actual conclusion of the episodes and give viewers the awareness to look at this fourth chapter as the last.

This is the end that Armstrong has always imagined for the series, since the second season, so we will see the chosen epilogue and, we repeat, in these times full of premature cancellations it is not a foregone conclusion. There is little left, therefore, and we will see the end of one of the series that has dominated the panorama in recent years.

A rich March

In addition to Succession, March will be a harvest full of new releases not to be missed.

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