Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League presenta il trailer di Captain Boomerang

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Following the many humiliations suffered by the Flash, Captain Boomerang makes up for it with the latest trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Continuing its trend of trailer dedicated to the individual protagonists of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguethat’s it Rocksteady Studios presents a third per Captain Boomerang. Even for those less accustomed to the lore of DC comics, the name is self-explanatory: this historic enemy of the Flash fights with boomerangs. However, thanks to his intrusion into the Hall of Justice, he can enjoy the hyperspeed of his sworn enemy. Amanda Waller in the narration of the video makes no secret of her contempt towards George Harkness, but in addition to “masking her insecurities by drinking and behaving badly” like the bogan she is, the character manages to keep up with Harley Quinn and King Shark thanks to speed and unpredictability. We leave you with the video.

The latest look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League showcases Captain Boomerang

Beyond his very heavy Australian accent, Captain Boomerang is very agile in his movements thanks to his lightning-fast dodges guaranteed by Flash’s glove. Amanda Waller concludes the trailer by noting that the team may have “what it takes” to take down the Justice League if they work together. A big “if” that will remain so until the game comes out February 2, 2024 on Xbox Series The closed alpha is expected from November 30th (hey, but it’s the day after tomorrow!) al December 4th. The game will also be available in early access for a total advance of three days for those who purchase the deluxe edition. If you want a more extensive look at the game, we leave you with the Insider presentation.

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