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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, will season 5 be the last?

When the victim is the game itself: Kill the Justice League, the Suicide Squad's video game debut, could end with season 5

Even outside of our review, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League it didn't really make a splash with gaming critics and that's why the season 5 it could turn out to be more… conclusive than expected. Even better games than this have previously proven that the game as a service at full price (altering the gameplay of the Arkhamverse) simply doesn't work, but the lesson has not been learned and the result has been seen both in the box office and in the reception given to the first of the post-launch seasons planned for the game. Now, the leaker Miller Ross he hinted on Twitter that after the Batman's return in season 4 apparently WB Games and Rocksteady Studios will prepare to bring the curtain down on the game.

Suicide at the GAAS joint: Kill the Justice League with season 5 bids farewell to the Suicide Squad

Although in the thread above the leaker did not mention when season 5 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is expected, the fourth should open its doors next January. The reason behind the supposed purpose of the fifth season is to be attributed, according to Ross, to how “little” the first season did to “boost sales”. We can expect the farewell to Task Force Of course, especially considering that always of a rumor it's about, everything can always change. Although, although relatively little time has passed since day one, we wouldn't put our hand in the fire.

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