“Sul Velluto” and “Eva”: the new Kobo Originals titles

"Sul Velluto" and "Eva": the new Kobo Originals titles

According to the recent Kobo Book Report, in 2021 Italians read for an equivalent of 860 years, demonstrating a renewed and passionate interest in reading.

It is for this reason that Rakuten Kobo, a leading company in the eReading sector, is today pleased to present two new features in the Kobo Originals catalog, Eva by Paolo Zardi e On velvet by Rebecca Quasi (both in eBook and audiobook versions). Two Kobo Originals titles selected and edited by qualified book experts and published through the company’s editorial brand.

  • Eva, by Paolo Zardi (finalist for the Premio Strega), is the story of four women grappling with the most mysterious experience of life: bringing another human being into the world. In an intertwining of intentional, unexpected, rejected or accepted pregnancies, the characters of this novel try to define their relationship with the act of procreation, dealing with fears, weaknesses and an ancient and nameless strength. A story that spans one hundred thousand years and in which biology, irony, doubt and love are mixed in the naturalness of life itself. A feminine novel, where the lives of Anita, Giulia, Sara and an unnamed woman are linked by an invisible chain whose first link is called Eve, the mother of all mothers.
    Eva is available for readers at this link.
  • On the Velvet, by Rebecca Quasi, is the story of Nereo Castrogiovanni, a famous actor, who, during a talk show in prime time, lets himself go to certain statements that cast shadows on his image and risk destroying his career. He will not be the only one to pay the price: Marianna Guerra, his former assistant and cook, will be overwhelmed by the eye of the media storm, struck by gossip and insinuations where the real and the alleged merge and mix. What’s behind it all? What is the real reason why Nereo decided to destroy his own figure and take Marianna with him?
    Sul Velluto is available for readers at this link.

The two eBooks are then available for free on Kobo Morethe new all-you-can-read subscription that gives book lovers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks.