ASUS: ecco il mouse gaming TUF Gaming M4 Air

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ASUS presented TUF Gaming M4 Air, the next generation gaming mouse dedicated to gamers looking for maximum performance, fluidity and responsiveness in the game. The new TUF Gaming mouse is wired and ultralight, thanks to the Air Shell that allows it to contain its weight in just 47 grams. In addition, it guarantees water resistance, thanks to the IPX6 certification. The shell offers a special treatment thanks to ASUS Antibacterial Guard technology, which inhibits bacterial growth to keep the buttons and mouse surface always clean and sanitized. To ensure further fluidity during the game TUF Gaming Paracord, perfect for minimizing tearing and returning a completely equivalent user experience to wireless models. Six programmable keys and three memory profiles allow you to have maximum control in every gameplay, while in the lower part the low-friction feet, made of 100% pure TPFE, offer exceptionally fast and fluid sliding, useful for making the most of the sensor accuracy to 16,000 dpi.

Structurally ready for anything

Every gaming mouse must have two basic characteristics: ergonomics and performance. ASUS TUF Gaming M4 Air combines these two factors thanks to a new shell, whose profile maximizes the comfort of the palm of the hand, while the frame is characterized by a texture with triangular holes, as is traditional in this kind of peripherals. This constructive choice is called Air Shell and uses a hollow pyramid chassis to maintain the weight of the mouse below 50 grams (47 grams to be precise). The structure thus created has a series of advantages: it ensures absolute lightness in the fastest movements, offers a more comfortable grip during long periods of use and guarantees high durability, boasting maximum structural strength.

The structural solidity is combined with the attention to detail throughout the design, evidenced by the presence of the TUF Gaming Paracord, made of soft, light and flexible fiber, to minimize tearing and enhance freedom of movement. This is further ensured by the mouse feet, made of 100% pure PTFE material, to ensure smooth movement and quick, instant, effortless action.

All these qualities are also accompanied by water resistance, certified by the degree of protection IPX6. The assembly of the printed circuit of the TUF Gaming M4 Air, in fact, is treated with a water-repellent coating, to protect the electronics from water and sweating of the palms during the most intense gaming sessions.

ASUS has also adopted an entirely new treatment, theAntibacterial Guard Ionic Silver: this coating, applied to the surface and keys of the TUF Gaming M4 Air, prevents the formation of bacteria up to 99%. This is possible because positively charged silver ions (Ag +) bind to the cell walls of negatively charged microbes and bacteria, disrupting their internal functions and preventing any further proliferation.

Performance per i gamer

As a gamer mouse, the TUF Gaming M4 Air doesn’t compromise on performance. Starting with the on-board sensor, calibrated to optimize the reactivity of movements and ensure infallible accuracy and precision. In numbers, all this translates into: 16,000 dpi of resolution, 400 IPS of maximum speed, 40 G of maximum acceleration and 1,000 Hz of scanning.

Always at the service of gaming there are the six programmable keys and extremely sensitive to achieve responsiveness in line with your needs and style of play. The left and right buttons are separated from the body, consequently requiring less actuation force and less travel for faster, more sensitive clicks. A switch for the PPE is positioned behind the scroll wheel, in a point just as convenient to reach, to adjust the sensitivity in fractions of a second. Two strategically placed buttons on the left side and a clickable scroll wheel offer additional control options.

Everything is manageable from the software platform Armoury Crate. The interface, simple and intuitive, allows you to create profiles, map buttons, configure settings and all aspects of the TUF Gaming M4 Air in order to adapt its response to the preferences and habits of each gamer, be it amateur or professional.

Availability and prices

ASUS TUF Gaming M4 Air will be available starting next week at major ASUS commercial partners such as the ASUS Gold Stores and resellers participating in the Powered by ASUS Program at a recommended retail price of € 54.90.