Summer Game Fest 2022: Naughty Dog shows off its new multiplayer game

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During the Summer Game Fest Naughty Dog, studio creator of The Last of Us, introduced the first concept art of its new stand-alone multiplayer game

After the blockbuster The Last of Us got several years ago, it was inevitable for Naughty Dog to capitalize on this series through sequels, employing in their making the same quality for which the studio has always been renowned. However, with The Last of Us 2 they soon discovered that they found themselves creating a project definitely more ambitious of what they thought, and for this unlike its previous chapter, this time decided not to implement multiplayer within the title.

This decision then led them to choose to make this mode even bigger than what was initially seen in the first The Last of Us: Naughty Dog was intent on bringing to fruition a new real game, based on multiplayer within the world of the series. In recent years, however, no further information had been seen, at least until the videogame event that took place in the last few hours: Naughty Dog in fact presented its new game based on Factions mode che era presente in The Last of Us.

The new game from Naughty Dog: Factions 2 out of The Last of Us

Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog’s co-chair, spoke at the Summer Game Fest saying how the game is as big as a regular single-player title from the studio: it’s there. its own story and a cast of new characters and in 2023 gamers can expect to see other important details. The game takes place in a different part of the United States, and is found to be run by some of the major players veterani di Uncharted e The Last of Us, like Vinit Agarwal, Anthony Newman and Joe Pettinati.

Everything that was shown during the Summer Game Fest is a concept art indicative of the atmosphere that we can expect within the new Naughty Dog multiplayer game, and for this we will only have to wait for the arrival of new information such as future teaser trailers or the presentation of some cast members. Recall that there have also been other news in these hours regarding The Last of Us: it was announced as the remake of the original title, out “exclusive” on PS5, will also arrive on PC.

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