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Summer Game Fest 2022: recap of all announcements

“Non-E3”, but it is valid for four: here is a quick recap of all the announcements made during the 2022 edition of the Summer Game Fest

That one emoji depicting a wink with which Geoff “The Game Awards” Keighley greeted the announcement of the cancellation of theE3 2022 is worth a thousand words: this edition of the Summer Game Fest stand up to comparison with the Los Angeles fair to the point of requesting a recap of all announcements? Luckily tonight’s showcase has taken a bit of a different path from the annoying 2020 subdivision. This isn’t to say we won’t see them scattered throughout the summer, but there’s no shortage of trailers tonight. The gauntlet at E3 was thrown: did Keighley want to provoke with good reason?

The first, very American cannon shot

In our recap of the Summer Game Fest 2022, as you will have learned from the summary of the Indie World, we will go strictly in order: the first of all these thunderous announcements was that of the return of Guile in Street Fighter 6. Geoff Keighley, after a disclaimer on potentially harmful content for the very young, warned us from the Los Angeles stage about our expectations: we won’t see everything today, but we will talk about every platform and even indie games. After some hitting between Guile and Jamie, a tremendous kick from the top, and a reminder of the game’s release in 2023, Keighley praises the American wrestler’s comb and then moves on.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Aliens Dark Descent

Our summary continues with another of the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: the second leg of the recap is a title that immediately made it clear that there would be some curves. The 20th Century Games logo leads us to the base of Tantalus, where the horror atmospheres of this shooter with an isometric view (at the expense of the cinematic shots) immediately allow us to make two and two. The Xenomorphs are back, and they are not here to take prisoners … as did the traitor of the group, while conversing with the carcasses of his colleagues. Aliens Dark Descent it is intended for console and PC.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: The Callisto Protocol

As Keighley will later admit, science fiction was king tonight. Striking Distance Studios and Krafton have crafted what the showman at the helm of the event called a “bloodier pinch” trailer. The Callisto Protocoloutgoing on 2 December, was developed in the midst of the pandemic. Keighley congratulated Glen Schofield on the efficiency, and the latter was pleased with the assorted mutilations possible thanks to one of the weapons in the game, The Grip. There was also a real gameplay video, with an abandoned laboratory whose holograms ooze DOOM 2016 from every pore.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

And here we have one of the juiciest reveal for a reason: the confirmation of the leaks. Johanna Faries promised that in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 “everything” would have changed, apart from a return of the whole team that fans have grown fond of for years. From the speedboat to the oil rig, everything matches the leak we recently analyzed. The soldiers try to be ready for anything, while we weren’t ready for the heart-pounding atmosphere of the gunfight on the platform. Realistic rain, wobbles that move containers, missile controls – nothing is missing. Apart from, perhaps, the release date at the end of the trailer introduced by a gameplay explosion. October 28: the open beta is also confirmed.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Flashback 2

No one would have expected such a comeback … and by “of the genre” we literally mean a genre. You know, movie platformers (unless your name is Oddworld) are only targeting their niche, which is why when Geoff Keighley talked about a flashback for a franchise born on PC thirty years ago it sparked no little surprise. The “return of an iconic franchise”, as little as we can talk about the actual franchise, will take place at the hands of Microids and will be a reality. next winter. Both the PC (via Steam) and all consoles will be able to host the return in style of Flashback 2.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Witchfire

A “dark fantasy shooter” capable of marrying two visually very different videogame experiences returns to be seen. On the one hand we have soulslike atmospheres that are also reflected in the design of the various enemies we will have to face. On the other hand, we will wield lots of firearms to send the demons back where they come from. The magical portals from which enemies emerge to face in Witchfire will open for all PC gamers “soon” for a early access, even if in this case there would be a small example of “semi-exclusivity”. It is in fact the version for Epic Games Store.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Fort Solis

Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games join forces for an indie product that smells like triple A. Fort Solis in fact, it hosts a cast of the highest level in terms of dubbing and two illustrious members have confirmed it on stage together with Geoff Keighley. Troy Baker and Roger Clark will voice two characters often at odds with each other. Baker commented on how significant 2020 was for him (the pandemic was formative for all of us) and for gaming (the next-gen debut). This indie is really ambitious: there have even been some motion capture stunts!

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Routine and… er, The Rock?

The exclusive for PC and Xbox announced ten years ago has seen fit to make an unexpected return to remind us that no, the project is not dead. But we could be in Routine, who will enjoy the musical talent of Mick “DOOM” Gordon. The trailer is cryptic, between bugged robots in an abandoned warehouse and what would appear to be the classic Sony Computer Entertainment logo after one grappling too many. And speaking of drinks, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson peeped out to sponsor one from his “boorish” gym, then talked about his role as Foundation (Fortnite) and Black Adam in the eponymous film.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Outriders Worldslayer and Nintendo Switch

No, we are not talking about a specific version of the game for the hybrid console, but about another paragraph “with a double” that we have granted ourselves. A new trailer for the season Worldslayer del looter shooter Outriders reminds us that on June 10th (hey, it’s tomorrow… actually, today!) the game world is waiting for us for a few more shootings. And just as “shot” was the quick roundup of titles for Nintendo Switchreminding us of Splatoon 3 coming in September, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expected later this month, the Cuphead DLC that we will talk about later, Capcom Fighting Collection and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. For more information, we refer you to the phenomenal Direct in February.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Fall Guys

A trailer worthy of the commercials for King’s titles shows a hypothetical scenario in which our delusions have the upper hand. This collective hallucination should be the metaphor with which Fall Guys reminds us of the move to the combo between free-to-play and multiplatform… or so we believe. We didn’t quite understand what leads people to turn into the green beans protagonists of the game, but as its tagline the first season has opted for a deliberately ambiguous “Free for all” (which means both “free for all” and “free for all”, ed). The June 21stprobably some servers will catch fire. We will see.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Stormgate

Researcher rhymes with scar. The one that the protagonist of Stormgate wears proudly on the eyelids (ouch), however, does not seem to prevent a holographic scan with controfiocchi in the ruins where the trailer is set. The analysis of a relic causes, in that order, a shock wave, the regeneration of an ancient shield and the appearance of a monster. Somehow. The “mission accomplished” ends with take-off aboard a talking mecha. We will know more with the beta scheduled for next year, but Tim Morten (formerly Blizzard) of Frost Giant Studios reassures us: there will be online and co-op, while free-to-play has been kicked out of the eponymous portals. Bingo!

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Highwater

And with a title like that, one wonders how high the water is in a game called that. Could the replacement of cars with inflatable boats be enough as an answer? This and other interesting post-apocalyptic questions give us an appointment for the latest son of Demagog Studio and Rogue. The game, characterized by an interesting cel-shaded artistic style, will lead us to meet the various survivors, between the depressed ones of the Blind Bar and the shopkeepers of the Third World Organic. The strategy title with adventure game elements (and / or vice versa), Highwateris intended for this year.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: Replaced and American Arcadia

One would be ironic about the absence of Replaced for his title, but the context of the war in Ukraine prevents us from doing so. Geoff Keighley, on behalf of all of us, has shown his understanding for a trailer that couldn’t be a part of the show. Of the show (Truman show, to be precise), however, we speak in American Arcadia, where the utopia of the dream city Arcadia hides a dystopia not to be laughed at. Everyone is visible on the cameras, except one fugitive whom the guards can’t wait to arrest. This sunny (but not too much) counterpart of Inside by Out of the Blue and Raw Fury gives us an appointment “presto”On PC and console.

Recap of all the announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022: that game on the island with the jogger

Since Geoff Keighley himself was the joke, we have seen fit to carry it out too. Stop us if you’ve heard it before: Keighley alluded to a paradise island where one bite is all it takes to send the vacation to pieces, and the trailer opens with a jogger intent on jogging while everything …