Summer Game Fest 2022: sci-fi horror Routine re-announced with a disturbing trailer

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After 10 years, Routine is back in the spotlight with a new announcement trailer showing the horrors present in a space station.

Routine was shown at Summer Game Fest 2022 with a trailer truly disturbing. Right from the start, the video starts with distressing sequences using a filter that recalls old VHS videotapes and then moves on to hyper-realistic graphics. The atmosphere is decidedly gloomy, with various sequences of long dark and silent corridors. Below, we notice that we are in a space station infested with large noisy and decidedly unfriendly robots. Also, The soundtrack is made by Mick GordonThe composer of Doom 2016.

The trailer for Routine is creepy, are you ready to find out?

In addition to the trailer, one was released brief description of Routine from the developers to give players a general idea of ​​what to expect from the title:

Routine is a first person sci-fi horror game. Set within an abandoned moon base and designed around a vision of the 1980s future, players will explore the decrepit station in search of answers to the events that unfolded in this place full of things to discover. Armed only with a Cosmonaut Assistance Tool (CAT), to interact with the various computer systems, players must navigate the as yet unknown dangers.

Below is the trailer for the game:

Routine was announced in 2012 and nothing more was known about the game afterwards. It’s still unclear how much has changed since the original reveal, but publisher Raw Fury says developer Lunar Software has rebuilt the game from scratch to align it with the experience they originally set out to offer. Additionally, it was revealed that the title will be coming up PC, Xbox Series X/S e Xbox One (and will be in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on day one).

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