Super Mario e One Piece: ecco la statuetta che fonde i franchise thumbnail

Super Mario and One Piece: here is the statuette that merges the franchises

Fat Lane Toys has just announced a new collectible figurine born from a collaboration between One Piece and Super Mario Bros. The statue represents Mario with the features of Gold Roger, the legendary pirate owner of the One Piece treasure. There are some references to the world of the most famous plumber in the history of gaming, such as the mushroom-shaped shoulder pads.

Super Mario Bros and One Piece meet in a figurine

The statue is about 25 centimeters high, depicts Mario as the king of pirates, more specifically in the guise of Gold Roger, the pirate who is part of the same incipit of One Piece, which bases its plot precisely on the search for the treasure of the same name. The figurine also contains several eater eggs to the world of Mario, such as a small representation of Peach and a chest containing gold coins from video games.

Unfortunately, however, only 300 copies of this collector’s item will be produced and distributed worldwide. As if that weren’t enough, Fat Lane Toys will only start production when pre-orders are complete, which is why, if you’re interested, you might have to wait a while before you get your hands on this exhibit.

Super Mario One Piece

This version of Mario will cost the beauty of $ 440, although the price could be subject to variations depending on the currency through which the transaction takes place and the manufacturer has declared that it can be ready to distribute the pieces by next February.

It is undoubtedly an object that will appeal to fans of both sagas and which, having the financial resources, also represents a discreet nerd furniture to be exhibited in your home, also given the very defined and precise details that find space all around. interior of the composition.

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