Call of Duty Vanguard: possible a leak of a version of Ricochet

Activision will implement a system against cheats called Ricochet in Call of Duty Vanguard, but apparently a version of it has suffered a leak

Last week, immediately after Activision hinted at big changes to some users of Call of Duty games, who were using cheats and misbehavior within the game, a system against cheaters that intervened at the kernel level was announced, from the name Ricochet. From the presentation, it seemed to be a rather reliable novelty, despite the fact that it had encountered concerns from users regarding privacy. This new system would have been added to Call of Duty Warzone and the new chapter, Vanguard, but perhaps there are potential new hitches in this attempt to stop cheating in future titles, due to a leak of a version of Ricochet.

Ricochet Leak: Security at Risk for Call of Duty: Vanguard Anti-Cheat

This is because some online users have discovered that in reality Ricochet, or more like a leak of its first versions, was found almost the same day, ending up accessible to anyone who wanted to analyze it for not very appreciable purposes. Activision has not yet confirmed the fact, and it is also to be considered how this may have been done on purpose. In fact, the company has stated that it is precisely a still very simplified version and easy to manipulate, so the cheat developers could at most have a small advantage after the actual launch of Ricochet.

Call of Duty Vanguard: possible a leak of a version of Ricochet

Furthermore, in this way the possibilities could be exposed system weaknesses, leading to targeted interventions, which allow you to create a better product before release. Therefore the most advanced hackers, able to overcome the first version, would be involuntary in this case safety tester of the anti-cheat system. Call of Duty Vanguard will arrive on November 5, but the Ricochet system will initially be available on Warzone first.

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