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Super Mario Bros is a record box office hit!

The combination of video games and cinema is winning again: Super Mario Bros is a box-office success, so much so that it has exceeded 500 million collections globally

That Nintendo has always had an incalculable charm and power in the world of video games is established beyond any reasonable doubt. A charm that has also been largely instilled in Super Mario Bros. The Movie, the film currently in theaters arrived last April 5 to conquer the hearts of fans, young and old. We talked about it a lot in our editorial review, and after about ten days that feeling of joy, nostalgia and strong attachment to the brand is still alive in our little and old hearts.

And after an excellent debut, the box-office race of the film of the Nintendo franchise continues unabated. It is recent news, in fact, that Super Mario Bros has broken an all-time record, becoming the video game adaptation that has grossed the most at the cinema ever. The film has in fact officially exceeded 500 million at the global box office. An absurd figure, if you think about it, especially for a production like this. We remind you that the film is produced by Illumination and Nintendo, co-financed by Universal Pictures, which also handled the worldwide distribution.

Super Mario Bros breaks through the box office: exceeded 500 million dollars

Specifically, Super Mario Bros. The Movie grossed $260.3 million in North America and $248.4 million internationally, and therefore established a record figure of 508.7 million dollars (and growing!), surpassing films like Warcraft: First Class and Detective Pikachu. Considering it’s been in theaters for just over ten days, we’re guessing the ride definitely isn’t over there.

An absolute success, therefore, for Super Mario Bros at the box office. Let us know if you’ve seen the movie and what you think in the comments below. and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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