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Super Mario: Charles Martinet will no longer be the official voice

Charles Martinet will no longer be the official voice actor of the legendary Nintendo character; Super Mario

According to one of the latest official revelations of Nintendo; Charles Martinet it will no longer be the historic voice of the well-known plumber ideato da Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario. In fact, after 27 years of honorable service, the well-known Californian actor and voice actor Charles Martinet is ready to say goodbye to the mustachioed Italian plumber.

Despite the sad decision, his figure will still remain linked to the affectionate figure of Super Mario, taking care of the role of official spokesperson (Mario Ambassador) around social events.

Super Mario: All Voices by Charles Martinet

Born in 1955 in San Jose, California; Charles Martinet he has been known for generations, for having lent his voice to the iconic Super Mario character. But his real initial debut was as an actor; taking part in the making of several films such as; Bet with death by director Buddy Van Horn; or the most famous, The Game – No rules directed by David Fincher. Martinet during his career has also starred in various American TV series such as Matlock, Voices in the night, Reasonable doubts e Nash Bridges.

In addition to the voice of Super Mario, Swift he played with his vocal ability with other characters in the gaming world, such as for the dragon Paarthurnax in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim; or for the voice of Vigoro, present in Skies of Arcadia Legends. In his long journey, among the many recorded voices, it is impossible not to mention his commitment to the Nintendo landscape for the characters of Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Mastro Toad and Wart.

Although in the last film of Super Mario at the cinema it was Chris Pratt to dub the protagonist in the original, Charles Martinet was however present with a double cameo. His vocal non-presence will already be brought to light in the next chapter of Super Mario Wonder; scheduled for October 20th.

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