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Super Mario RPG: new Japanese overview trailer

The aftermath of Wonder promises to be equally electrifying: the new trailer for Super Mario RPG offers an overview of the game… in Japanese

With the recent release of Wonder, for which unlike Testa di Tela we wanted to take more time with a substantial review, the Big N is ready to flood us with adventures with the big mustache as the protagonist: this is why, two weeks after ‘exit of Super Mario RPG in our local language, the Kyoto Colossus has published a new overview trailer. In Japanese, of course, with a less language-barrier version presumably coming in the future. The 1996 role-playing game returns to Nintendo Switch on November 17and for us Italians he will do it for the first time with completely new names (Yaridovich will be Lancidovic in our country, for example).

The overview of Super Mario RPG in the new Japanese trailer

The plot of the game, born as a reversal of all the Mariesque conventions of the time, sees the gigantic Exor sword stick into Bowser’s castle, destroying the Star Road in the meantime. Mario will have to team up with Bowser, Peach and the “rookies” Mallow and Geno to set everything right. In the remake the divine Yoko had fun reorchestrating the entire soundtrack, also available in-game in the SNES version. Game mechanics, as seen in September’s Nintendo Direct, will include brand new ones team attacks. As in the video seen in the Direct, this trailer also had fun showing only the access door to Culexthe optional boss inserted by the developer Square-Enix as a reference to Final Fantasy.

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