Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: online tournament “What a blow!”

The next online event of the weekend will be a tournament: we take the opportunity to illustrate the brandable tools in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Like every Wednesday, we have a preview of the next one online tournament of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the weekend event following that of the Billboard dedicated to stage spirits. This time, however, the theme will be “What a blow!“: A competition in which we will have to stand out for our ability to brandishing tools. As was the case with “O la va or la spacca!”, However, this occasion allows us to expand our guide with another appendix: we can in fact illustrate the operation of all the weapons that, once collected, can be wielded.

“What a botta”, this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament!

In this weekend’s online tournament, the protagonists will be all those Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tools that you can to collect (TO). In other words, therefore, we will be dealing with The laser is dropping, Star scepter, Home run club, Hammer, Golden hammer, Lip wand, Fiery bar, Mineral Mace, Lethal blade e Scythe of Death (in addition to the usual Smash Ball). The event itself consists of timed fights from the duration of two and a half minutes, with Final Smash Gauge active e average appearance of tools. It will last from eight in the morning Friday 14 May (the day after tomorrow) and it will end Monday 17 at the same time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: online tournament

How to take advantage of the weapons to be wielded

Beyond this event, however, you are here to learn how to use these ten tools. You already know that you can pick them up (A), but as they are not throwing weapons you will have to get rid of it (Socket or Shield + A). You can too direct its launch (↔ / ↑ / ↓), but what characteristics do they have?

  • The laser is dropping (Super Smash Bros., 1999): This walking quote from Star Wars, like any other weapon to wield, guarantees a extra effect with a Side Smash attack (right analog lever + ↔). In the case of the Lightsaber, it is greater range.
  • Star scepter (Kirby’s Adventure, 1993): A (weakened) replica of Kirby’s final weapon of the same name allows strike from afar with a side Smash attack.
  • Home run club (Super Smash Bros., 1999 / MOTHER, 1989): Unlike Ness’s Side Smash Attack, firing one with this tool equates to power similar to the deadly “9” di Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Hammer (Donkey Kong, 1981): As in the arcade classic, this tool will take you to hammering right and left without respite. Your mobility will leave room for lateral movements and single jumps. The shots hurt a lot, but they are subject to counterattacks. Occasionally, the hammer can lose your mind (which becomes a throwing tool). There frenzy it is temporary.
  • Golden hammer (Wrecking Crew, 1987): This is a variant more powerful and faster of the regular hammer. Its “useless variant” doesn’t lose its mind, but it doesn’t deal any damage either, leaving you fully vulnerable. You can also flutter briefly sideways (↔) by pressing A repeatedly.
  • Lip wand (Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack, 1995): This stick allows you to plant a flower on the head of hit enemies, which grows as hits are repeated causing exponential damage (think poisoning). Smash attacks grant large flowers right out of the box.
  • Fiery bar (Super Mario Bros., 1985/1987): The fire trail of the same name from Bowser’s castles transformed into a weapon. It gets shorter with prolonged use until it becomes useless.
  • Mineral sledgehammer (Kid Icarus Uprising, 2012): A powerful (but never as good as baseball) bat capable of generate up to six tornadoes with a Smash attack. Exhausted the gusts, it is used only for the melee.
  • Lethal blade (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light, 1990/2020): This sword has nothing special, but when it shines with purple hues can inflict double the damage.
  • Scythe of Death (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, 2003): Predictably, with the scythe of the mighty Castlevania boss it is possible inflict a KO without throwing, with a fully charged Smash attack (70%), an uncharged one (80%), or a simple one tilt (120%; see the counterattack section).

Before you go

We talked about how the equipment works Spirits, but did you know some of them can make you start a game with one of the tools in this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament? In fact, you can start with whatever tool you like, based on the Spirit you have found and equipped. This, however, will serve you only and only in the ways that contemplate this “start with the turbo” (Adventure, Melee with Spirits, Spirits board). Be careful!

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