Superbonus 110%, the Immergas solutions

Superbonus 110%, the Immergas solutions

Let’s discover Immergas solutions to take advantage of the tax advantages that are made available by the Superbonus 110% to favor the improvement of the energy classes of buildings

From the point of view of energy saving, the hybrid plants can be considered the future of private homes, even more so if their compact size allows them to be installed in limited spaces: these are devices that make bills lighter and, at the same time, contribute to reduce the environmental impact. It is worth considering the hypothesis of using it to take advantage of the tax advantages that are made available by the Superbonus 110% to promote the improvement of the energy classes of buildings.

Tax concessions

In fact, hybrid plants contribute to significantly increase the energy rating of real estate. Furthermore, for these systems, a reduced VAT rate of 10% is envisaged, in the event of restructuring and extraordinary maintenance. It should not be forgotten, then, that the House Bonus in building renovations allows you to deduct 50% of the income tax, and to this are added the tax deductions provided for up to 65% thanks to the Ecobonus for energy redevelopment. Further incentives come from Conto Termico 2.0, again with a view to improving energy efficiency.

The hybrid plants of Immergas

Immergas proposes high compact hybrid systems energy efficiency which are characterized by the presence of a smart electronic control unit designed to be able to independently choose the most advantageous energy source according to the moment. By virtue of this feature, users can always be sure to benefit from home comfort at the lowest possible cost and reducing the environmental impact. Even those who wish to change an old boiler to a radiator system, however, may come across a solution in line with their needs: the reference is to the hybrid heat pump. VICTRIX HYBRID, which is appreciated for its ease of installation and which offers the advantage of discharging the fumes on the wall without having to carry out invasive masonry works even in the case of collective flues. The number of hours the heat pump it is prolonged by its simultaneous operation with the condensing generator, made possible by the series connection and such as to guarantee very high savings.

What Immergas, leader in the sector, does

For those unfamiliar with Immergas, it will be useful to know that we are talking about an entirely Italian company operating for more than 55 years, which throughout its history has installed over 7 million boilers. The core business of this reality is represented by the design and production of gas boilers for domestic use. The Immergas research center is destined to create state-of-the-art systems, with systems that are capable of combining the various energy sources in the most convenient way, such as the condensing boiler, the heat pump and the photovoltaic system. The purpose is to have fresh air in the summer and warm in the winter with the most low energy consumption possible.

The heat pump and hybrid systems

A system that associates photovoltaic panels with heat pumps, under ideal conditions, would be able to operate without gas. Obviously this is only possible in geographic areas that allow it (and therefore with not too harsh climates), but a lot also depends on the ability of the building not to waste energy. Hybrid systems, on the other hand, are indispensable where temperatures often approach zero, because they combine the typical safety of a condensing generator with the advantages of photovoltaics and the strengths of heat pumps.

The power supply of the heat pump

The heat pump, in order to work, requires electricity: this can also be made available by photovoltaic panels which they convert solar energy. Obviously it is also possible to connect the heat pump to the electricity network to operate the compressor: the important thing is to identify an appropriate tariff, even more so if it varies according to the time slots.

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