Supremacy Games: Here is a mobile NFT racing game

Supremacy Games: ecco un gioco di corse NFT mobile thumbnail

Supremacy Games announced the first mobile game developed in Finland that integrated NFT functionality, Race Team Rivals NFT Garage. Race Team Rivals is a free mobile game now available globally, excluding China. The game can be downloaded from the App Store, and an Android version will be available soon.

Race Team Rivals will release a unique collection of NFT cars that can be used to race within the Race Team Rivals mobile game. The game can also be played without NFT cars, but owning NFT will provide additional benefits, such as a special VIP race mode. The NFT cars will be available on December 9, 2021, and the NFT functionality will be available in the Q1 / 2022 game.

Race Team Rivals NFT Garage SERIES 1 is an exclusive limited series, only 2500 Series 1 cars will be available. Cars are collectible in four different rarities and 25 different power levels. The cars are not randomly generated but are meticulously crafted and show the team’s experience and enthusiasm for cars.

Race Team Rivals NFT Garage cars will be available for sale on December 9, 2021. The cars will be available in the OpenSea market and the sale requires the Ethereum wallet. A selection of cars and more information are now available at

“Finland is a leading pole of mobile game development, and we are happy to combine this expertise with our blockchain expertise to create NFT games that are fun and rewarding to play. The team has worked on many high-profile IP-based games, such as Top Gear, and this enthusiasm for cars and driving games can be seen in Race Team Rivals NFT Garage “, commented Supremacy Games CEO Jari Pauna.

Supremacy Games also revealed that they already have several NFT games and limited edition functional token collections that are linked to global brands in the pipeline. “Working with big global brands is exciting and we can’t wait to announce all the titles we have in the pipeline. We aim to create games where the NFT functionality gives real value to the players and fits perfectly with the brands “Supremacy Games CEO Jari Pauna said.