% Suzuki launches the new S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V in Italy

Suzuki lancia la nuova S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V thumbnail

Suzuki has announced a major renewal for the Suzuki S-Cross. One of the reference models of the range of the Japanese house for the Italian market, in fact, is updated with the debut of the new variant Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V with automatic transmission which joins the Hybrid 1.4 48V version in the list. Here are the details:

The new Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V debuts

The new Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V officially debuts on the market. The variant of the S-Cross includes the four-cylinder naturally aspirated Atkinson 1.5 DualJet K15C cycle engine, flanked by the hybrid module with MGU motor generator of 24.6 kW, powered by a 140V traction battery. To complete the technical sector we find the AGS robotised gearbox.

The petrol engine delivers 102 HP while the hybrid system, thanks to the presence of the electric motor generator, arrives up to 116 hp. There is also a lithium-titanium type battery with a capacity of 840 Wh, housed together with all subsystems in the double bottom of the trunk. Note that with a fully charged battery, electric mode is possible reach 80 km / h or cover a distance of up to 4.5 km.

For the Italian market, the new Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V under construction Starview arrives on the market with prices from 32,890 euros which rise to 35,590 euros for the variant with all-wheel drive. For the launch phase, in case of exchange or scrapping, it starts from 30,390 euros.