Swappie: how to sell your old iPhone

Come vendere il tuo vecchio iPhone in modo sicuro, semplice e veloce thumbnail

Taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts and taking advantage of the arrival of the holidays, many are changing their smartphone. But if you have an Apple device, you don’t have to throw it away with the arrival of the new one. With Swappie you can in fact sell your old iPhone with great simplicity: in this short article we will explain how.

How to sell your iPhone with Swappie

The Finnish e-commerce service Swappie has been a huge success, because it allows you to buy refurbished iPhones at really good prices. But it becomes even more useful for sell your old Mel smartphonesto. A choice that not only allows you to save money but also helps the environment, avoiding unnecessary waste of technological products and limiting pollution.

To sell your iPhone on Swappie you simply have to go to the dedicated section of the site (at this address) and follow the instructions below:

  • Answer the requests (few and fast) about the condition of your device. This allows you to immediately have an indicative estimate of the sales amount. The estimate will be valid for 2 weeks. During this time, you will need to send your phone.
  • You can choose between two modes from shipment:
    • Taking advantage of a prepaid label to be printed, packaging the product autonomously
    • Wait for Swappie’s label and packaging kit to arrive home, to be on the safe side
  • Once the phone is received, Swappie technicians will carry out the technical inspection. If the condition of the phone matches what you stated in answering the questions, Swappie will make a wire transfer within 1-4 days on your account. If not, Swappie will do one counter-proposal. You can accept or decline, in which case you will get the phone back for free.

Nothing easier so. Those who have tried the service can assure you that the service works in a simple way and without unexpected events. With the money obtained, you can think about buying a new phone (perhaps a refurbished iPhone on Swappie) or any other product.

Either way, selling your iPhone couldn’t be easier.