Swappie opens the first pop-up store in Italy: a journey to discover the world of refurbished

Swappie apre il primo pop-up store in Italia: un viaggio alla scoperta del mondo del ricondizionato thumbnail

Swappiethe leading company in Europe for the purchase and the sale of refurbished iPhonesopened the doors of his first pop-up store in Italy. From today, November 23, until December 18 at the Naviglio Grandein Ripa di Porta Ticinese 61, Swappie invites users to enter the refurbished world telling benefits e benefits of this choice. Let’s find out all the details together.

Swappie’s first pop-up store in Italy

The pop up develops through a path that starts from aSwappie product display area up to an area dedicated topositive impact that the reconditioned has on theenvironment. The central themes of the pop-up are the circular economy and the long-term sustainabilitywhich have been part of Swappie’s mission since its inception in 2016.

These are values ​​that unite the brand a two major companieswho will take part in this initiative in which they will demonstrate how these themes, today, must and can be present in different sectors: from fashion to food, up to technology.

The guests of the pop-up will be Orange Fiber e Nespresso with two appointments:

  • Sustainable fashion: “Second-Hand and responsible choices”Saturday 03/12 at 14:00.
    • Speakers will be Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy of Swappie, and Enrica Arena, CEO and co-founder of Orange Fiber
  • Zero waste philosophy: “The circular economy of coffee capsules“Saturday 17/12 at 14:00.
    • Speakers will be Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy of Swappie, and Silvia Totaro, Sustainability & Safety Health Environmental Manager Nespresso Italiana

Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy of Swappie, said:

“The opening of a physical point reflects our commitment to making the refurbished world known, making people aware of the importance of giving a second life to electronic devices, both by selling unused devices and by buying refurbished phones. This space also represents an opportunity to educate people about the proper recycling of technology. In fact, Swappie will give the possibility, throughout the month of opening of the pop-up, to recycle your non-functioning smartphone by inserting it into a dedicated installation.”

Also, to make the brand’s commitment to sustainability concrete also in the Milan area, the company invites citizens to remove unused devices from their drawers it’s at recycle them properly together. Via the installation located in the pop-up, Swappie aims to collect 50kg of recycled phones. It is a simple but very important gesture.

The pop-up not to be missed

As well as theme installation recyclingthe pop-up will also be the place for discover Swappie products live. Users will also have the opportunity to discover the advantages of buying a refurbished phone e you sell your old device.

In fact, they are shown in the exhibition area different refurbished iPhone models in each of the aesthetic conditions found on the Swappie site: Excellent, Very good, Acceptable. For the first time it is therefore possible physically evaluate which iPhone to buy. Customers will also be assisted by the pop-up staff, who will support them in choosing the device. Once ordered, the refurbished iPhone will then be shipped to the address indicated during the purchase in a few days.

Also, anyone who visits the pop-up can get one 10 euro discount for the purchase of a refurbished iPhoneby subscribing to the newsletter or through a social activity that will take place in the shop.

Numerous advantages are also available for those who decide to sell your iPhone to Swappie. During the opening of the pop-up, people will be able to bring the device they intend to sell into the store. By answering a few simple questions, with the help of the staff, the consumer will get the proposed economic evaluation from Swappie. The phone will then be sent to one of the company’s refurbishment centers and, following verification, in the following days it will be sent the indicated amount by bank transfer.

The Swappie pop-up store will be open from November 23rd until December 18th, from 4pm to 11pm during the week and give it 11 all 23 durante this weekend (Monday 28 November and Monday 5 December will be closed instead).

Swappie renews its invitation to get to know the world of refurbished, discovering its advantages and benefits, and to deliver your old non-working device for collect 50kg of smartphones for recycling. Even a single phone is enough to make a difference and contribute to respecting the environment with a small gesture. For more information, you can consult the official site.