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Swedish electric microcar Luvly is about to hit the market

The Swedish house Luvly announces its intention to market a series of microcars electric. In short, a new shock is coming to the automotive economy.

In reality, the manufacturer already has a project and an electric microcar ready to go with a very specific goal. That of being marketed all over the world by adopting the same shipping method as Ikea: flat-pack.

Luvly, all the curiosities about the Ikea of ​​microcars

Let’s start with the name Luvly. This comes from LUVacronym of “Light Urban Vehicle”. The microcar was born to be at the service and designed for urban mobility. This specimen on the balance weighs 380 kg. This is essential, equating to about one-fifth the normal weight of a mid-size car.

Here comes Luvly, the Ikea of ​​Swedish electric microcars, site sourceHere comes Luvly, the Ikea of ​​Swedish electric microcars, site source

We can define Luvly the lightest of the microcars. So it has low consumption. The manufacturer speaks of numbers that are close to a quarter of a normal electric car. Luvly is equipped with a package drums and 6,4 kWh. by the weight of 30 kg. The accumulator is removable and can also be easily recharged in the living room.

Of course, the recharge times are fast given the small size. And this is optimized if the plug is attached to a more powerful charging system. In the current scenario of microcars Luvly wants to position itself well and consumption will be another test bench.

In this regard, the manufacturer indicates that Luvly Car reaches i 90 km/h. Your trunk has a capacity of 267 liters. In a future hypothesis, the car could lend itself to being included in a car sharing fleet.

Little Luvly’s surprises don’t end there. The car is equipped with a safety shell which guarantees maximum protection for the passengers. About the costs, it should cost around 10.000 euro.

Here comes Luvly, the Ikea of ​​Swedish electric microcars, site sourceHere comes Luvly, the Ikea of ​​Swedish electric microcars, site source

Finally how Ikeainstead of manufacturing the car in Sweden, Luvly wants to ship individual pieces to various countries where they will then be assembled directly on site in micro-factories and delivered to customers. It is certainly a new car, or rather a microcar to keep an eye on.

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