Nintendo Switch: will these be the specifications of the "Pro" model?

Switch Pro: references to the new model in the latest update of the current console?

The rumored Switch Pro returns to be talked about with some details that emerged from the latest update of the current console

The rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro they arrived in a decidedly insistent way with the alleged evidence increasing to testify that the alleged revision of the Nintendo hybrid should actually be in the works. In short: the wait for an official announcement is growing more and more.

Recently, Nintendo released the update of the firmware 12.0.0 per Nintendo Switch and, although the update itself was surprisingly light in many respects, it could include some veiled (and not) supposed references to the chat Switch “Pro”. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Switch Pro: in the latest update a mysterious model called “Classroom” is mentioned

On Twitter, the user @OatmealDome shared the results obtained by fiddling with the files of the latter update firmware of Nintendo Switch and the same seems to have discovered many references which could allude to Switch Pro (or whatever name Nintendo wants to use to call the new variant of the current console). In addition to what appears to be references to 4K (of which Switch Pro would be destined to make its “flagship”) and the addition of being able to update the dock hardware with future updates, the firmware update , interestingly enough, it seems to refer to a new dock per “Class”- which, of course, is presumably Nintendo’s internal codename for the new console model, as previous dataminings have also discovered.

Recent reports have unearthed significant details about the unannounced Switch revision, from Nvidia’s DLSS support to an OLED screen for tablets and more. It has also been suggested that the new Switch may receive some exclusive games, while a recent patent would also seem to suggest a redesign of the Joy-Con.

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