Hot Wheels Unleashed: the new gameplay is coming

Hot Wheels Unleashed: the new gameplay is coming

The Italian company Milestone, based in Milan, today released a short video announcing the new gameplay for the craziest cars ever, namely, Hot Wheels Unleashed

The new gameplay of Hot Wheels Unleashed will be visible in full from 8 April and is scheduled for 20:00. To follow all the updates related to the game, do not miss the updates on the main social channels such as YouTube, Facebook e Twitch obviously. But keep the engines still in brake for a while and let’s go on with the necessary calm.

Milestone: Everything is ready for the new gameplay of Hot Wheels Unleashed

The fast-paced racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed, as well as being visible shortly in grandioso gameplay in CGI, will officially land on all major gaming platforms on September 30, 2021. A truly fiery autumn is thus promising, speeding at a thousand kilometers per hour!

This preview has already received some really positive reactions in the community of players who, for quite some time now, were clamoring for a game video that would show all the news that were boiling in the pot. After all, in the world there is not only Need for Speed, don’t you agree too?

So you can already set a nice reminder on your agenda, warm up your engines and get ready to race along completely crazy tracks with the most beautiful, and of course, crazy cars ever! Who said toy cars are for children? And then, as children, did you prefer these or the evergreen Micro Machines?

Anyway, if you also want to play major racing titles currently on the market saving a little bit, then we advise you to click here, while, if you want to be always updated on everything related to the vast world of video games of yesterday and today, then stay on!

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