Switcho’s tips for saving money during the holidays (with apps)

I consigli di Switcho per risparmiare durante le vacanze (con le app) thumbnail

Switchothe first personalized savings app, offers Italians some advice to save during these holidays which, according to the estimates of Codacons, are the most expensive holidays in 50 years. Let’s find out all the details together.

Saving money during the holidays: Switcho’s tips

  • Establish a budget and monitor expense items.

The first step is to monitor how we spend our budget by keeping track of every move. The novelty, however, lies in the (positive) impact that technology can have on the way we manage our money, both “at home” and on vacation. Marco Tricaricofounder of Switcho, said:

“Technology is truly an ally of personal finance: according to our estimates, more than 90% of users who use the account linking feature of our financial app get savings benefits.”

How, though? Switcho has developed a automatic expense analysis system which, simply by connecting your current account to the application, allows you to view in a single interface for all your expenses, categorize automatically. Also the app suggests some strategy e savings and optimization actions.

  • Abroad, holiday home and smartworking? Check the rate and optimize the Giga.

There are those who go abroad and need it for consult maps e guide online, as well as emails. And then there are those who, on the other hand, go much less far, reaching a holiday destination for more than a few weeks, “integrating” the normal vacation days with a few weeks of smartworking.

In both cases, a failure to manage the issue of one’s own Internet Mobile it can lead to real blows to the wallet. The solution? Optimize your fare before you leave – perhaps with the help of Switcho.

Other tips

  • Vacation home and expensive energy: try to deflate your bills.

Second box: we live them in July to August, then at the end of the summer we close the door and forget about it, until the following season. However, even when the lights and stoves are off, these homes continue to have a energy profile which is often not optimized. Marco Tricarico explains:

“The reason is very simple: on holiday homes we don’t change supplier for years, and when we do, they tend to use traditional offline channels (on the phone or in person) which are the most expensive. Inertia is expensive: we stay with the same supplier, and therefore with the same rate, for several years, losing opportunities for savings. In this case, the advice is to carry out a personalized analysis of the bill to verify the possibilities of optimization. “

  • Don’t neglect the shared costs: app to divide the expenses or common fund.

On vacation there is often who pays for others then split the expense later. However, these mechanisms often cause us to lose track of credits and debts, as well as how we have spent the money. Here, too, apps like Splitwise they can help us. Alternatively, do one more traditional common fund at the beginning of the trip: it will help you to set a maximum ceiling and keep your spending under control.

For more information you can consult the official site.