Sword of the Magi: the video game that pays the players

Un videogame che paga i giocatori? Esiste e si chiama Sword of the Magi thumbnail

The dream of all gamers could be a reality: a developer from Colorado is making a video game, called Sword of the Magi, capable of paying players in cryptocurrencies.

By playing Sword of the Magi you are paid in cryptocurrencies

Being able to earn money by playing is the dream of many, but it is certainly not easy (and for everyone). The level of competitiveness to become a pro gamer is very high and the same goes for the world of streamers. A small revolution in this sense could come directly from the United States, where David hernandez, developer of Loveland (Colorado) is making a video game that can pay users for every hour spent in the game. The name of the game is Sword of the Magi. Here’s how Hernandez himself explained the project:

“The idea behind the gameplay is to merge two games that I loved: Legends of Zelda and Final Fantasy. Just like any other video game, the player will have to progress through the story to earn experience points and rewards. And I’m not referring to in-game money, but to real cryptocurrencies ”

The project plans to pay one thousand tokens for every hour played, both from PC and from mobile. But how does it really work? After all, similar apps already exist, and they require subscription fees in order to start earning. Hernandez dispels this hypothesis by explaining the real income comes from the players who, instead of cashing in, will decide to reinvest the money earned to upgrade their character. It will therefore always and in any case remain a choice of the user.

Sword of the Magi will debut in a few days, on December 11th, financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. The developer claims they already have a list of at least 200 people enrolled in the project, and that his goal now is to access a Swiss grant project, which would give him access to a 250 thousand dollars.