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Synology 2023: here are all the new arrivals

Synology presented the new solutions for the 2023 which will help them companies to growincrease the resilience and solve the problems in the best possible way sfide IT. Let’s find out all the details together.

Synology’s 2023 news

DSM 7.2expected for early 2023, will introduce the full-blown encryption to offer even more peace of mind and boost up at the same time the storage performance of the 48% compared to folder-based encryption. Folders will be introduced with DSM 7.2 WORM.

These tamper evident folders prevent the modification or deletion of data for a specified period of time. They also help protect your data from ransomware e cyberminacce.

Updates to Synology’s private cloud solution, Synology Drive, use watermarks and download policies to enhance the security of files when shared across teams. Remote wipe capabilities help reduce security risks deleting synced folders from stolen Windows and macOS clients. Automatic login with AD credentials after a mass deployment, together with configuring backup and sync tasks, simplifies mass deployments.

In DSM 7.2., sharing data over SMB will be safer and more efficient. Cross-protocol file locking between SMB file shares and Synology Drive ensures that files in use are not neither modified nor overwritten. Finally, support for multi-channel SMB transfers uses all available network connections between server and client for significantly enhance SMB file transfer performance.

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Also planned for 2023 is the launch of new scalable systems designed for file archiving e objects. The first generation of scalable systems will support clusters of up to 60 server per oltre 12 PB of actual storage, as well 60 Gb/s sequential write performance and beyond 80,000 concurrent connections. Clusters will offer availability beyond the 99,99% and support for data protection suites Hyper Backup e Active Backup di Synology.

A new management platform is also on the way Active Backup e C2 Backup. The platform will enable the transparent management, deployment and monitoring of backup activities across an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. The new platform brings together on-premises and cloud-based Synology solutions, offering e.g IT administrators and MSPs the most effective tools to protect each device or service and ensure fast recovery times.

AI-powered cameras, hybrid cloud services and more

The videocamere 500 Series IP Synology will be launched in early 2023. The devices will offer superior performance, security and integration with all settings managed directly from Surveillance Station. The functionalities Cutting-edge AI they free up resources on recording servers to enable the deployment of larger AI solutions, while dedicated processes speed searches for vehicles and people anywhere in the video frames.

Available in two formats, Synology 500 Series cameras integrate video 5 MP sensors for wide-angle recordings in 16:9 format, 3K (2880×1620) a 30 FPS. Compatible with PoE e waterproof (IP67), they can be placed indoors or outdoors. They are also compatible with US NDAA/TAA.

Synology 2023: more news to come

The platform Synology C2 Identity continues to grow, focusing in particular on the combination of safety practice plus practicality. In 2023, C2 Identity will suffer major improvements to allow the access without password to online and local devices and services. Integration with Windows Hello e Face ID/Touch ID Apple simplifies authentication on endpoints managed by C2 Identity.

And along with a C2 Identity user portal coming soon, employees using managed endpoints will be automatically logged in to the web services they support SAML. They will also have the option to enable 2FA for more sensitive services, such as a company’s CRM or ERP systems.

Finally we have the WRX560. Based on the SRM 1.3 platform, the new WRX560 offers the same high-end network management functions as the RT6600ax. But the price is cheaper. With powerful radio internal dual-band it’s a porta 2.5GbE LAN/WANthe WRX560 can easily be added as a mesh node to a qualsiasi router RT6600ax. Or it can be used on its own as a home and office solution.

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