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The Italian Bending Spoons acquires Evernote

The Italian software development company Bending Spoons bought the notes and notes app Evernote. The agreement, whose economic terms are not known, will end in early 2023. The application counts 250 million active users and generates over $100 million in recurring revenue.

The Italian Bending Spoons acquires Evernote

The Evernote Corporation has officially announced the acquisition by Bending Spoons, the Italian company best known for launching the app Immune in 2020. But which offers a suite of apps like Splice for video editing, Reminisce to enhance photos with AI or sports app 30 Day Fitness.

Evernote thinks the Italian team can help the notes and notes app grow. The CEO Ian Small said, “The decision to accept Bending Spoons’ offer is a strategic step in our journey to make Evernote an extension of your brain. The collaboration with Bending Spoons will allow us to improve our team and provide better offers, both in the business and consumer sectors”.

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Luke Ferrari, the CEO of Bending Sppons, thinks the app is a perfect addition to the software development studio. “Our mission at Bending Spoons is to make a positive and lasting impact on our customers, our teammates and society at large. Every day, millions of people around the world rely on Evernote to organize their lives. Evernote fits perfectly into the Bending Spoons portfolio and we are delighted to welcome their large and loyal customer base.”

Evernote began life in the early 2000s as handwriting and note archiving software for Windows. But since 2008 it has arrived on smartphones and recorded impressive numbers. So much so that with a series of investments it reaches a market value of one billion dollars in 2013. Since then the value has fallen, but the app can count on over 250 million active users and over $100 million in recurring revenue.

From next year, this reality will be managed by the Italian development center of Bending Spoons.

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