Synology lancia il router RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6

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Synology announces the arrival of the high-speed router RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6, designed for an ultra-fast and secure connection both at home and in the office. The new router allows you to manage the increase in connected devices and protect against the most sophisticated threats, also thanks to the operating system Synology Router Manager (SRM) 1.3.

Synology announces the router RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6

This is the Synology’s first certified Wi-Fi 6 router, which allows you to optimize data encoding in order to more easily manage connections without sacrificing protection. They also improve beamforming, planning and signal isolation for superior performance.

Also found on the router a 2.5 GbE port that you can configure to use the WAN or LAN, so that you can take advantage of connections Multi-Giga per internet. Ma you can also use it, in the office or at home, for high-performance devices such as a NAS. Or as a high-speed wireless backhaul.

To handle all these needs at the same time, Synology has equipped the router RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6 of an 1.8 GHz quad-core processor to ensure fast connection speeds and responsive operation, even with multiple devices and features enabled.

The tri-band technology and Smart Connect allow you to optimize the connection of home or workplace devices, avoiding bottlenecks that can lead to performance drops. This router is compatible with the new 5.9 GHz frequency, which allows non-DFS channels to be used at 80 and 160 MHz for combined 6.6 Gbps of wireless throughput. This way, you can use more and more devices.

The new operating system

The new SRM 1.3 software also allows you to manage the network in a capillary manner, creating up to five networks separat. And even with three mappings WiFi SSID each. The 802.1q standard support simplifies integration into existing networks or meshes.

Also there are many features like the Safe Access to filter the results for parental controls. And then the traffic control (you can also have cvs or html reports), use VPN Plus for remote access. Furthermore the new app allows you to manage your network in detail also from smartphone.

You can find the new Synology router RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6 here, while here more details on SRM.

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