All announcements from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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Nintendo shared another edition of his with his fans Indie World Showcase: let’s discover all the ads of the event.

Announcements from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

In about twenty minutes of eventNintendo allowed us to take a look at the future of indie games on Switch, sharing updates on previously announced games and unveiling new titles to keep an eye on.

From a shellfish-themed soulslike in Another Crab’s Treasure to a rhythm-based dungeon crawler in Soundfallup to the lovely world of OobletsNintendo showed a total of 15 games. Here are all the details.

Ooblets and his adorable world arrive on Switch this summer

Ooblets released in Early Access on Xbox and PC in July 2020, and Switch owners will soon be able to visit his lovely world when it comes out on the platform in thesummer of 2022. In addition to raising and training creatures called Ooblets, players will also need to help Badgetown to grow and thrive.

Just like Animal Crossing, Ooblets offers players the freedom to customize, create objects, make friends with neighbors and much more. Also, you can participate in “Epic dance battles”and who doesn’t want it?

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven it’s a Interplanetary action RPG which combines the best parts of a hack-and-slash game with those of a twin-stick shooter. In the shoes of the sixteen year old Avrilplayers will have to use his powers for save his home planet after a catastrophic event suddenly changed everything.

This story-focused adventure will be released on Switch in theautumn of 2022.

Soundfall is a Dungeon Crawler with rhythm-based musical gameplay

Do you dream of a dungeon with music? Then Soundfall deserves your attention. This dungeon crawler by Drastic Games and rhythm-based Noodlecake puts players in the shoes of a Guardian of Harmony that must defeat the forces of Discord.

If you can keep the pace, you will become even more powerful. The title also features more than 140 songs, multiplayer locale e up to four players online. The best part? It’s available from now.

Nintendo Indie World: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator announcements

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator took the PC world by storm in 2019. One of the most interesting aspects of the title is the ability to customize whatever you want, allowing you to create the war scenario of your dreams and to see it unfold in an exhilarating way.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator arriverà su Switch quest’estate.


Gunbrella puts theeveryone’s favorite rain cover and will help players make their way through a noir-punk world that is likely to lose all its natural resources if action is not taken immediately. Players will be able to upgrade the Gunbrella and interact with a cast of different characters.

Gunbrella will be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

We Are OFK tells the story of an emerging band in Los Angeles

We Are OFK it is a “journey in the band” that will accompany the players through verse The Angels. This playable animated series, starring Itsumi Saito and an entirely vocal cast, will be available starting with this one estate; new episodes will be released weekly.

More announcements from Nintendo Indie World

  • ElecHeadcoming in the summer of 2022;
  • wildfrostarriving during the Christmas holidays 2022;
  • SILTarriving in June 2022;
  • Mini Motorwaysavailable from today;
  • Wayward Strandarriving on 21 July 2022;
  • Cult of the Lambcoming in 2022;
  • Another Crab’s Treasurecoming in 2023.

For more information on the announced video games, you can consult the official site by Nintendo.

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