System Shock Remake: release date on console revealed!

After almost a year, the time has come to find out when the release date of System Shock Remake on consoles will be. Let’s see it together.

Since its original publication on PC last May 2023, the software house Nightdive Studios has not released further information about the official arrival on consoles, except through an emblematic phrase that the release will happen “in due time”. Subsequently, through some rumors leaked in September 2023, we discovered that the publication on the various video game consoles would have happened sooner than expected most likely, thanks to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) which added the console version to its catalogue. Now, we finally have an official date. So, when will System Shock Remake officially release on consoles? Let’s find out together.

System Shock Remake: release date on console revealed!

System Shock Remake: release date on console confirmed

After the PC version published in May, the software house took its time in porting it to consoles. In fact, last June they declared that everything was going “according to plan” and that they needed some “game testing support sessions”. Everything seems resolved and, in fact, NightDive Studios has announced that the remake will arrive on May 21st on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, exactly one year after release on PC. The porting will also bring with it some additional content, such as ithe ending of the most extended game e a new female protagonist. In short, more reasons that will surely appeal to fans of the title in question.

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