T-Force Cardea Z44Q: presented the new PCIe4.0 SSD by TEAMGROUP

Recently presented, in two different variants of 2 and 4 TB, the new SSD T-Force Cardea Z44Q PCIe 4.0 from TEAMGROUP, let’s find out

Just presented the new admiral SSD of TEAMGROUP, let’s talk about the T-Force Cardea Z44Q PCIe 4.0. Double patented cooling module, QLC Flash and PCIe Gen 4 × 4 interface which can support the latest NVMe1.4 standard. Customers will have carte blanche: they will be able to choose the specifications according to their needs.

Technical specifications

Read / write speeds will reach up to 5.000 / 4.000 MB / s. Let’s talk about a increase of about 10 times than the municipalities SSD. We speak, clearly, of a pioneer of the new era, as well the admiral and the number one choice for i gamers.

T-Force Cardea Z44Q: the new PCIe4.0 SSD from TEAMGROUP presented

The T-Force Cardea Z44Q PCIe 4.0 has on board a heatsink patented in aluminum high strength which can multiply the effects of cooling. An ultrathin second heatsink has an ultralight volume for easy mounting and low interference with the hardware in the case. Both modules are effective in the cool down the SSD is right, making it a great addition to the PCIe SSD in terms of cooling and performance.

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