Pokémon GO: a petition for the range of action of Pokéstop has started

Protecting the world from range, uniting all peoples with a petition: Pokémon GO Pokéstop still arouse the ire of fans

Than that of Pokémon was a brand with an easy lawsuit we all knew, but with the petition signed by many players of GO circa the range of action of Pokéstops we know that the feeling is mutual. Niantic announced yesterday that we would soon see a reduction in the minimum distance that can exist between the player and the puck. Predictably, the reaction of the fans was not long in coming: the Reddit post that you will find below is just a taste of the collection of signatures open on Change.org, with the declared intention of receiving at least an answer.

Pokémon GO, that is: when the range of Pokéstop rhymes with petition

Niantic could not wait for Pokémon GO to return to sip the progress of the players, but the reduction of the range of action of the Pokéstop (although not yet in place) was only welcomed by a petition. Taking part in it, compared to the requested threshold of 75,000, there have already been 66,400 memberships and, in the last few hours, they are only increasing. We leave you to read the original post, aimed at criticizing the removal of “one of the changes best of recent years “to the game.

What is certain is that bonuses such as that for the nutrition of their creatures will soon have to return to sweat them. The changes will take effect at the end of the Pokémon GO Fest at the end of July, which for safe play will represent the last hurray. It is not only for the reduced risk of gatherings (with related infections) that fans are protesting, however. The most unwary players have in fact encountered invasions of private property and accidental deaths during the first years of the app’s activity. It remains to be seen how Niantic will react, but in general the couch potatoes will do better to accept the costs of air travel right now.

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