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T2, the alternative to Twitter born from ex-employees

Twitter users who got the blue check before Elon Musk took over the company and changed the rules have a way to keep your check even after Twitter removes it on April 1. Is called T2and it is one social and microblogging platform similar to Twitter, but with some key differences.

T2, the social network that maintains Twitter’s blue ticks

T2 was founded by two former Twitter employees, Gabor Cselle and Alex Payne, who left the company following the Musk takeover. Their goal is to create an online “public square”. where people can share their opinions and information – without following Musk’s upsets. T2 is currently only your invitebut has a waiting list open to anyone who wants to join.

One of the distinguishing features of T2 is the ability to transfer Twitter’s legacy verification to its platform. This means that whoever has a blue tick on Twitter now can get the same tick on T2 by simply filling out an online form.

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This feature will only be available until April 1, when Twitter will drop all legacy verification. After that date, you will have to go through another verification process to get the T2 tick. And the use of identity documents or reliable sources will be needed.

In addition to verification, T2 also announced other news. The company has taken on a new CTO, which comes from Discord, a popular text and voice chat app. In addition, T2 has launched a new UI that looks a lot like Twitter’s, but with some improvements in terms of design and functionality. For example, T2 has a built-in dark modean advanced search function and a community-based moderation system.

You can try it here.

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