The best films with Keanu Reeves – our list

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John Wick 4, the latest chapter in the saga that marked the resurrection of Keanu Reeves, has just been released in theaters: what better opportunity to draw up our list of his best films?

John Wick 4, recently released at the cinema, is already a blockbuster at the box office and we want to take this opportunity from our editorial staff to draw up a list of the best Keanu Reeves films. We specify right away that this is a list that does not necessarily reflect the objective quality of the filmas much as that joined to the film popularity joined to performance of the (almost always) protagonist Keanu Reeves.

In fact, in Hollywood, if numerous actors have gone down in history for having had leading roles in important films, Keanu Reeves could go down in history as the one who has proportionally more times played the lead. Well liked by allwith a proverbial education and generosity, the actor over the years has first managed to carve out a niche audience, to then get to be one of the best known and most recognizable faces on the big screen. Of Lebanese origins, with Canadian nationality, his style is unique and inimitable, as is his career which seems to have reached the highest peaks almost effortlessly (although we imagine it was not so) also in the videogame world, as protagonist and voice actor in Cyberpunk 2077. So let’s see what are the best films with Keanu Reeves.

Point break (1991) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

Let’s start this list with a film that has become a cult and thanks to which Keanu Reeves is definitively greeted in the limelight: Point break. Directed by Kathryn Bigelowfirst and only woman until a few years ago to have won an Oscar as best director, the film with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze tells of how a policeman infiltrates undercover in a gang of surfer robbers in California. Johnny Utah, undercover agent played by a very young Reeves, albeit extremely dutiful, is very soon struck and intrigued by the free and seductive lifestyle of his new friends, endangering his position to follow Bodhi and the gang of he. This film consecrated Keanu Reeves as a Hollywood star and is full of pop quotes.

Beautiful and damned (1991) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

Film signed by Gus Van Sant, originally titled My Own Private Idaho, after a song by the B-52’s. It is a story of two young drug addicts who prostitute themselves to survive. Scott (Reeves), who has renounced the life offered him by his rich and powerful father, decides to accompany his narcoleptic friend Mike (River Phoenix, Joaquin’s brother who died in 1993), on a journey in search of one’s origins, thus managing to find himself and to discover love. A busy film, and in some respects challenging, definitely not to be missed.

Bram Stocker’s Dracula (1992) | The best movies with Keanu Reeves

Masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola, Bram Stocker’s Dracula reinterprets the famous novel by creating a version of the vampire par excellence very different from the original one: tormented by the loss of his true love, Vlad Tepes denies God and the Church and is transformed into an undead thirsty for blood, condemned to spend eternity regretting what was lost. In what is one of Keanu Reeves’ best films, the actor plays the young lawyer Johnatan Harker and, albeit flanked by actors of the caliber of Gary Oldman e Anthony Hopkinsmanages to give his best even in a relatively marginal role.

Little Buddha (1993) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

Little Buddha, film directed by bernardo bertolucci, tells of how some Tibetan monks set out to find the reincarnation of the master Lama Dorje, recognizing him in Jesse, a boy from Seattle. The narration then divides, retracing the most important stages in the life of Siddhārtha, played by Keanu Reeves. The film closes trilogy dedicated to Bertolucci’s Orientwhich began with The Last Emperor and continued with Tea in the Desert.

Speed ​​(1994) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

Among the actor’s first major commercial successes, Keanu Reeves plays alongside a young woman Sandra Bullock and to the villain Dennis Hopper. The film, which proceeds with a rhythm that never leaves the viewer a breather, has collected more than 350 million dollars worldwide and has become over time a cult action movie of the 90s. The premise is as follows: a terrorist places a bomb on a bus full of passengers. If the driver drops below a certain speed, the vehicle explodes. The policeman Jack Traven (Reeves) has the task of rescuing the passengers helped by Annie Porter (Bullock), who is forced to drive after the driver is injured.

The scent of wild must (1995) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

We completely change genre with The Scent of Wild Must, a film by Alfonso Arau in which Keanu Reeves plays a young veteran ready to restart his life after conflicts. Paul Sutton returning from the war does not find in his wife the love she hoped for and, after meeting Victoria, a young woman who is expecting an illegitimate child from a professor of hers, decides to help her face her authoritarian father by posing as her husband . Caught up in her life and her family, wealthy Napa Valley winemakers, the man is torn between two lives. Romantic at the right point, he will show you a new side of the actor.

Matrix (1999) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

We cannot talk about Keanu Reeves’ filmography without dwelling on his most famous role, the one that made him known to audiences around the world: the elected Neo in the Matrix. Written and directed by Wachowski brothers that of the Matrix is ​​still considered among the most important science fiction sagas of contemporary cinema with countless pop references. The story is that of a dystopian world where machines have taken over everything, exploiting mankind, forced to live in a digital world, as a source of energy. The protagonist, once awakened in the real world, discovers the deception in which humans are forced to live and together with Morpheus, Trinity and the rest of their crew takes an active part in the war against the machines.

The Devil’s Advocate (1997) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

In The Devil’s Advocate, directed by Taylor Hackford, Keanu plays alongside Al Pacino, in the role of a decidedly over the top Prince of Darkness. Kevin Lomax (Reeves) is a successful young lawyer who moves to New York with his wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron) to work at the powerful Milton law firm. The founder of the studio, John Milton (Al Pacino), is a charismatic character, charming but at the same time disturbing and sinister. Life in the metropolis will be very different from what Kevin imagined and soon things will change drastically for him and his young wife, revealing Milton’s diabolical designs.

Constantine (2005) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

Directed by Francis Lawrence based on the comic book series light blazer, Constantine is a film with a guilty pleasure flavor. John Constantine (Reeves) is an exorcist with the ability to see demonic creatures but destined for hell for a suicide attempt in his youth, who decides to help Detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to investigate the suicide of his twin Isabel. The two will soon discover that behind the young woman’s death there is the attempt of the son of Satan, Mammon, to reach the Earth to govern it.

John Wick (2014) | Best movies with Keanu Reeves

We conclude this list with one of the most recent films in which Reeves took part, and which marked a rebirth. Here Keanu Reeves plays one of the most iconic roles of his entire career: John Wick, killer with incredible skills who retired for the love of his wife, who after the latter’s death loses his little dog (her last gift) and adored car in just one night at the hands of Yosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), the incautious son of a Russian mafia boss. Animated by unstoppable spirit of vengeance, the man will set out on his trail, killing anyone who stands between him and his prey. Film created by two stuntmen in order to dispel some myths about stuntmen, in which most of Keanu Reeves’ jokes consist of one word (yeah), proposes delirious scenes and completely unique in their kind, which in some way have marked the history of cinema.

What will be next?

We don’t know how long the John Wick saga will last, if there will be further chapters or if it will end with the fourth. However, we know that, even if you wear them very well (indeed it improves with aging like good wine), Keanu Reeves is almost sixty years old and who knows if the next project will not be an action film. What do you think about it? What kind of movies would you like to see Keanu in? Let us know in the comments!

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