TAG Heuer: Super Mario themed smartwatch presented

In a press release, the Swiss watch company TAG Heuer announced the collaboration with Nintendo for the creation of a Super Mario-themed smartwatch. Let’s see together what precision is all about!

Of the importance of the brand of Super Mario we are all aware today. Not only has the most famous Italian plumber in the world crossed the ages and defined the history of medium videoludico over the years, but it has also become so iconic that it is still one of the most famous brands in the world today. This is also partly demonstrated by today’s news: the Swiss company specialized in watchmaking, Day, this year, recently presented the new Super Mario themed smartwatch, the result of the collaboration with Nintendo itself. Let’s take a look at the details below.

The details of TAG Heuer’s Super Mario smartwatch

From this collaboration with Nintendo and Super Mario was born this one limited edition of the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch. According to the statements of Frédéric Arnault, aka the CEO of TAG Heuer:

For this collaboration with Nintendo, Super Mario immediately came to mind. It is not only its international and intergenerational appeal that has convinced us. Mario is the superactive character par excellence, who relies on his perseverance and tenacity to get out of every situation.

TAG Heuer: Super Mario themed smartwatch presented

Based on the information we have, this model was built with a combination of luxury, sportiness and fun functionality. It is mainly focused on physical and motor activity: going into particular, Mario will encourage users to leave the house and intensify their sporting activity, to be rewarded through the classic systems of gamification for your own progress. The classic watch faces have also been reinterpreted in four different themed variations, so as to give this smartwatch the look you prefer.

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