Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

Not sure what difficulty level to face the new Tales of Arise? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of making your choice easier thanks to our guide

When starting a new game, where you can set the difficulty level, we are always faced with an atrocious question: what will be the most suitable setting for my way of playing? A seemingly simple choice, but which can quickly influence the perception of the title we are about to approach. And the same will happen to all those who choose to embark on an adventure in Tales of Arise, the new work signed by Bandai Namco (available from today), which will allow us to choose between four different levels of difficulty. And if you are unsure which one is best for you, you just have to read our small dedicated guide. However, do not worry, given the decision it will not be irreversible, and you can always retrace your steps at any time (except during fights).

Story – Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

This is the degree of simpler challenge among those present in the game, and is suitable for all those who do not want to try their hand at fighting, but simply prefer to enjoy the story. Since in Tales of Arise the general difficulty affects the final score of the clashes, selecting this mode will guarantee a multiplier of 0.50%, which will therefore lead to a halving of the result. Another difference also concerns the damage inflicted by enemies, which in this case will be particularly low.

Normal – Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

To select Normal it will allow us to tackle everything at the standard difficulty, which will mean enjoying both the story and the fights, although in this case the enemies will never be particularly resistant, and can be defeated without too many problems. The base score will not change, neither positively nor negatively.

Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

Moderate – Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

Penultimate setting selectable, Moderate it is recommended for players who have found the challenge proposed by the previous two too mild. Or for those who wish to accumulate even more points at the end of the fights, thanks to a multiplier equal to 1.25%. In short, a slightly more complex level of difficulty than the previous ones and that will give you some trouble during your adventure with Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise: difficulty level guide

Difficult – Tales of Arise: guide to difficulty levels

If you have particular experience with JRPGs and are not afraid of challenges, then you can start immediately higher difficulty level. In this case the enemies will cause even more damage, as well as have greater health, but at the same time the base score at the end of the fight will be even higher, thanks to a multiplier of 1.5%.

With this concludes the our guide relating to the difficulty of Tales of Arise. Let us know which setting you have chosen by sharing your gaming experiences with us at TechGameWorld.com, thanks to the comments section. Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that on Instant Gaming you can find many offers dedicated to the world of video games.