Tales of Arise: how to remove gear and costumes

In this short guide, we want to show you how to remove the equipment (or costumes, or whatever you want to call them) in Tales of Arise: once worn it seems impossible to remove them!

Tales of Arise has been on the shelves for almost a week now, and many of you will already be in the late game. The title has been a great success by the standards of a series which, despite being definitely among the most famous in the JRPG field in the West, is still something more relegated to the niche and certainly not a mass product. The excellent compromise reached by Bandai Namco, who knew renew the franchise without distorting its essential features, paid off, and virtually everyone liked Tales of Arise. To us too, and the specific reasons can be found in our review by clicking here. We have also decided to bring you a long series of themed guides, so no more pleasantries and let’s get into the topic.

Before starting

Before starting this guide on the how to remove equipment or costumes in Tales of Arise, we remind you that here on TechGameWorld.com you will already find a good list of themed guides. Starting from the complete trophy list, useful if you want to reach 100% and complete it in all its aspects, we have also already talked about how to best use the two protagonists of the game, Alphen and Shionne, and we have also demarcated a guide to the various levels of selectable difficulties, as well as a rather basic one on how to save in the game. That said: let’s get started. Let’s talk about costumes. Or endowments. Or whatever you want.

Equipment, Costumes, Accessories – Tales of Arise: how to remove equipment and costumes

This may seem like a rather useless guide, it must be admitted, but if changing costumes in Tales of Arise is quite simple and immediate, the same does not apply to their removal. Let’s go step by step, first of all in the course of the game you will unlock a long list of cosmetic accessories and costumes that you can apply to your protagonists, to customize their appearance during the adventure. Although many of these are exclusively obtainable via DLC (and therefore for a fee!), Many others you can get them after fulfilling certain conditions. For example, you will start unlocking nice accessories (swag sunglasses) as soon as you find the first Owls.

To change your character’s appearance, just open the main menu and select the Equipment submenu. Here you can select a hair style, costume, two extra accessories and a weapon skin. Be careful: these changes will be exclusively aesthetic, while you can change the parameters of your characters only by changing and evolving basic equipment and accessories.

Tales of Arise: how to remove gear and costumes

How to remove them? – Tales of Arise: how to remove gear and costumes

So how the heck do you remove the amenities? From the same submenu as above, of course. However, we must specify that if you want to remove the hair style or costume, you will not be able to do so and you will necessarily have to select another option among those already unlocked. To remove the extra accessories or the weapon skin, simply place the cursor on the object to be removed and press the X key if you are playing with the Xbox controller, SQUARE if you are playing with the PlayStation or DELETE if you are playing with the mouse and keyboard. Nothing could be easier, it is true, but if you do not pay attention to the bar at the bottom of the screen it is difficult to notice this option.

Finally, as far as extra accessories are concerned, unlike what happens for costumes or skins, you can also change its color. After selecting the accessory you want to use, just press the Y key on the Xbox controller, TRIANGLE on the PlayStation one or the G key on your keyboard to view the different coloring options. They are not so many, it is true, but the possibilities of customization of your Alphen increase, which will be able to parade throughout Dahna with fabulous sunglasses with purple shader. Phenomenal.

Tales of Arise: how to remove gear and costumes

Good fun!

Here ends our guide on how to remove the Equipment (or Costumes, as you wish) in Tales of Arise. We remind you that the title is available from 10 September on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Are you playing with it? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!