Tavascan è il nuovo SUV-coupé 100% elettrico di CUPRA thumbnail

Tavascan is the new 100% electric SUV-coupé from CUPRA

BERLIN – In 2019 it was a concept, now it’s a real car, ready to land on the market next year. We are talking about CUPRA Tavascanthe 100% electric SUV-coupe that joins the ranks of the Spanish brand, a brand that this year is preparing to celebrate its first 5 years of life.

“When we presented the Tavascan concept at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2019, it was our dream car – he explains Wayne GriffithsPresident of CUPRA – Since then, we have continued to believe that if we could dream it, we could create it. Today the dream becomes reality”.

What is CUPRA Tavascan?

CUPRA Born is no longer the only full electric from the Spanish car company.
From today – or rather, from 2024 – it will also be there CUPRA Tavascanofficially presented today and built on Volkswagen’s well-known MEB platform.

Tavascan, with its 4,644 meters in length, is well-kept in aesthetics. From the headlights with a particular motif composed of 3 triangles to the illuminated logo, from the athletic and sporty proportions to the shark nose, from the structure designed to resemble a helmet to the design of the rear lights: it all screams CUPRA. But not only. Tavascan is modern and captivating, impossible to ignore as it whizzes through the streets.

We find the same attention inside.
I seats, sporty and elegant at the same time, they are available in 3 colors: Soul Black, Dark Night and Enceladus Gray Metallic. And yes, there is also great attention to sustainability since they use it recycled materials.
The floating infotainment display is 15 inches. Huge. The biggest so far in a CUPRA. However, not only the size counts: to accompany it a new UI, called Human Machine Interface (HMI), designed to make use even simpler and more intuitive. To help you too a backlit touch bar to manage the volume, climate control and voice controls and the now inevitable ad support Apple CarPlay e Android Auto.
They are not missing the LEDs, placed everywhere and designed to create the right atmosphere, the 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a compound audio system da 12 speaker and made in collaboration with Sennheiser.

And then space, front and rear, to ensure maximum comfort for everyone and in the boot, with 540 liters at your disposal.

However, aesthetics are not everything. Tavascan also thinks about performance.
The VZ versionwhich goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, if presented with two engines, 210 kW rear and 80 kW front, and can supply 30% additional energy to the front wheels when more tradition is needed.
On the Endurance version instead we have a 210 kW rear motor which has little to envy to the VZ.
6 driving modes presenti: Range, Comfort, Performance, CUPRA, Individual e Traction.

What about autonomy? We have a 77kWh battery pack on the Endurance that should deliver 550 km of autonomy in WLTP cycle. On the VZ we always find the 77 kWh battery pack but the autonomy drops slightly: 520 km.

Nothing is missing even on the front of the driver’s assistants. From sign recognition to adaptive cruise control, it’s got it all, so you’re more relaxed and safe behind the wheel.

The price? We still don’t know. We’ll probably have to wait until 2024 to find out.

CUPRA DarkRebel, a virtual sports car

Tavascan was not the only protagonist of the CUPRA event in Berlin. The Spanish house also presented DarkRebel, a totally virtual sports car designed to reflect all that CUPRA is and wants to be. A provocation made up of athletic and tapered lines, a particularly long bonnet, a passenger compartment moved towards the rear of the car and the brand’s iconic triangular headlights.

And if you too want to unleash your imagination, know that for its tribe CUPRA has created theHyper Configurator, where you can let loose without limits. Here you can give life to new colors, new materials, new finishes, shaping your personal version of DarkRebel.

Three environments available:

  • Exponential square, where you can experience the rawest soul of CUPRA, inspired by natural elements such as stones and minerals;
  • Exponential cubewhich gives a nod to racing with algorithmic movements, neon and parametric geometries;
  • Exponential ∞the place to abandon reality and enter a surreal world and untied from the limits of the land.

Are you particularly proud of your work? You can share the video of your own DarkRebel with others.

All together inside Metahype

Not only virtual cars but also an entire space dedicated to brands, creators and communities. An island where to socialise, collaborate, create and live new experiences. This is Metahype.

“Metahype has officially arrived. It’s not just a space for CUPRA but for brands, startups and creators who want to connect with the Next Generation. It offers a unique way to interact and experience the brand with the aim of connecting different communities and unleashing the power of collaboration and creativity,” he explains Sven SchuwirthCOO of CUPRA.

Five spaces announced today by CUPRA:

  • CUPRA Squarethe meeting point of the tribe, the one in which to socialize;
  • CUPRA Racing, with two racing games that will test your skills;
  • CUPRA Metahype City Garagea place to explore CUPRA cars, including the new Tavascan;
  • CUPRA Hubthe space that goes beyond the automotive by proposing for example the Dancing Challenge, created together with Primavera Sound, and the CUPRA Collection Boutique;
  • CUPRA Next, where users can influence the future evolution of DarkRebel.

Curious to discover Metahype? You will be able to do it shortly www.metahype.com.

Ve la ricordate CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept?

If the answer is yes, if you’ve always dreamed of trying it, now you can, at least online.
CUPRA has in fact created the Exponential Experience, a virtual experience that helps to experience electric racing car driving. Obviously not just any: the sensation is that of being at the wheel of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept.


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