Tax Credit Videogames: 11 million euros coming up for 2022

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The Minister of Culture has more than doubled the funds allocated to investments by Italian developers for the Tax Credit Videogames 2022. Satisfaction also by IIDEA, which however reminds us that “the road is still long”

11 million euros is coming for the 2022 Tax Credit Videogames

A particularly happy moment for the gaming and eSports sectors in Italy, for a market that continues to expand. This is also confirmed by the new one Tax Credit Videogames which in 2022 will receive 11 million euros by the Ministry of Culture. The figure is part of the new decree for the distribution of the cinema and audiovisual fund, signed by Minister Franceschini. This is a figure more than doubled compared to last December, when 5 million euros were allocated. An important step forward, also the result of the requests made by IIDEA, a trade association that is leading the Italian videogame market.

“The new funds are potentially able to unlock up to 44 million euros of investments by virtue of the tax credit recognized on 25% of the eligible costs of production.” reads the official press release. However, success does not mean sitting on our laurels. In fact, IDEA recalls that “there is still a long way to go” and has already made a proposal to the Ministry to raise the ceiling per company. This is currently € 1 million. A maneuver in this sense would allow Italy to become a more attractive country towards European investors.

In an official statement, the association thanked the Minister Dario Franceschinithe Undersecretary Lucia Borgonzoni and the MIC Cinema and Audiovisual Directorate General which is working on the Tax Credit Videogames.

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