Prezzo dei carburanti alle stelle: benzina e diesel superano i 2 euro al litro thumbnail

fuel prices skyrocket over 2 euros per liter

The increase in fuel prices continues unabated, which has now crossed the fateful threshold of 2 euros per liter. And this spike in cost applies to both gasoline and diesel.

With the prices of petroleum products in the Mediterranean that closed yesterday still sharply up for the seventh session in a row (especially diesel), the companies also have in mind a new round of increases on recommended prices for today.

Fuel prices, diesel is now aligned with petrol

As reported by the Fuel Price Board of the Ministry of Economic Development, a liter of petrol, on average and nationally, is 2,154 euros if served. You save something for the self, since in this case the price “drops” (so to speak) to 2,048 per liter. Some distributors of the main brands have prices per liter ranging between 2,039 and 2,076 euros, while the “no brand” ones are on average at 2,013 euros per liter.

The price of diesel, which now costs as much as petrol, is in the news. In fact, per service is paid on average in Italy 2.1 euros per liter, while in the self-service mode the price is just under 2 euros, even if in some distributors this figure is already charged. If you refuel without the help of the gas station, the cost for a liter of diesel is 1,966 euros per liter, with the major companies charging between 1,932 and 2,040 euros per liter, while those without a logo travel at 1,955 euros per liter. .

fuel price 1

Owners of LPG cars are not doing very well either, given that there has also been a general increase in prices for this fuel. On average, along the boot, distributors charge from € 0.863 to € 0.883 per liter (€ 0.861 without logo). Same thing for the methane that splashes between 1.901 and 2.077 per liter. In this case, the “no logo” distributors have an average price of € 2.062.

Regarding the oil companies, the Observapprice makes it known that Q8 raised prices by 6 cents on petrol and 8 cents on diesel. Same increase practiced by Tamoilwhile IP it has adjusted the prices by 5 cents on petrol and 8 cents on diesel. Eni makes no distinctions: 8 cents more for both petrol and diesel.

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