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TCL Europe presents the latest innovations at Milan Design Week 2023

TCL Europe presents the latest innovations and technologies at Milan Design Week 2023. During the Discover the Unimagined event, the brand announced the new product line, including Mini LED, QLED TVs, soundbars and home appliances

TCL, the world’s second-largest TV brand and number one in the 98-inch segment, today announces its latest products across all categories. Among these we find the new Mini LED and QLED TV Series, but also soundbars and appliances. TCL also strengthens its position and accelerates in Europe by participating for the first time in the well-known Milan Design Week to present its commitment to sustainability, design and innovation. By implementing a broad and ambitious visibility strategy linked to a series of sports partnerships.

TCL Europe presents the latest innovations at Milan Design Week 2023

TCL Europe takes second place among TV brands thanks to its innovations

TCL is today a leading brand and one of the main players in the television market worldwide and the company continues its growth with results that demonstrate its dynamism and its capacity for innovation. TCL recently announced that it ranked among the top two TV brands globally (and among the top Android TV brands) according to OMDIA’s 2022 report. In addition, TCL’s large-screen TVs have received a significant growth boost over the past year. The brand also achieved first place in global market share in the 98-inch segment.

Over the limits

In line with its claim “Inspire Greatness”, TCL wants to push the limits of what is possible with technology and play a key role in customers’ lives. Inspiring them and helping them to have new experiences within their own home. In 2022, the brand reported a 76% increase in volumes (shipments from factories) for Mini LED and QLED TVs with equal size larger than 65″. Offering entertainment, total immersion and transporting audiences to new worlds. In the European market, TCL’s strategy of premium technology at affordable prices has proved particularly effective. Positioning the brand third in 2022, with sales volume in Europe growing by 5.3% year-on-year, despite a challenging environment.

TCL Europe’s innovations underline its commitment to responsible and sustainable technology

As the world’s leading company in the electronics industry, TCL is committed to finding more responsible and sustainable solutions. Relying on dedicated resources and placing consumers at the center of its strategy. As highlighted in its 2022 ESG Report, TCL Technology has invested a total of $1.04 billion in environmental protection. The brand saved 229.53 million tons of water and the amount of recycled water resources reached 54.64 million tons in the year. Furthermore, the amount of waste recycled is 81,865 tons. By 2025, TCL is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 18%, water consumption by 27%, energy consumption by 13%, natural gas consumption by 70% and EPS consumption by 10% .

TCL at Milan Design Week

In 2023, TCL participates for the first time in Milan Design Week, one of the most prestigious design industry events in the world. The aim is to be able to illustrate his vision to develop technology for a better future that inspires greatness and brings people together. With outstanding industrial and aesthetic design, intuitive user experience and sustainable production. From April 17 to 23, TCL presents its exclusive exhibition “ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon”, with sustainable artworks and experiences made immersive and unique thanks to technology. Visitors will also be able to get a sneak peek at TCL Europe’s 2023 product lineup, as well as concepts developed by the TCL Design Innovation Center.

TCL Europe presents the latest innovations at Milan Design Week 2023

The new TCL C84 Series

Since 2018, TCL has been a pioneer in the Mini LED industry and has put a lot of effort into developing this technology. In 2023, TCL introduces its latest generation with an even better visual experience and precise high contrast, high brightness and better uniformity. Improved local dimming is capable of producing higher brightness levels than ever before (peak 2000nits HDR) and thus offer better contrast and color for an overall higher image quality. The new C84 Series is available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 85” formats. Based on Mini LED and QLED technology and supported by AiPQ 3.0 processor with image quality enhancement algorithms, this model offers outstanding video performance. The combination of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos offers an immersive and immersive user experience.

New QLED C64 and C74 Series TVs for endless color and entertainment

TCL today presents the brand new C74 Series. This combines QLEDs with Full Array Local Dimming technology, 4K HDR Pro 1000nits and 144Hz Refresh rate for even smoother, sharper and more vividly colored HDR picture quality. This new series (available in 55″, 65″ and 75″ formats) designed for gaming is equipped with the Game Accelerator function that allows you to play at 240Hz with the latest generation titles. TCL also presents the new C64 Series, available in 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″ formats. Equipped with QLED technology for exceptional color expression, this new series is an excellent addition for those who want high-quality, interactive home entertainment. Certified with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos standards, this series is equipped with 120Hz Game Accelerator function and supports all HDR standards.

A wide range of high-performance home appliances and innovations from TCL Europe

With a strong R&D department and two years after the introduction of the first home appliances in Europe, TCL is launching a new series of products. Ready to meet ever-changing consumer expectations for a smarter and healthier home life, for people but also for the environment. The brand presents the third generation of air conditioners, with the new and innovative Gentle Cool and FreshIN series. These allow customers to experience more pleasant weather conditions. As well as more accurate temperature control, with the addition of better health benefits and lower energy consumption.

An eye on sustainability

From a sustainability perspective, TCL refrigerators are equipped with the Multi Air Flow system, which ensures proper cooling of foods by surrounding them with fresh air wherever they are packaged. cati. Additionally, Automatic Anion Release Technology (AAT) adds a special mineral material to the inner lining to provide additional purification and anti-oxidation benefits. In addition to ensuring that the refrigerator maintains a bacteriostatic effectIn 2023, TCL Europe will also introduce the new P3 Series washing machines, in class A for energy efficiency and for the silence of the appliances. These products have a low environmental impact, especially thanks to the TCL Brushless Digital Inverter technology which allows the washing machine motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the load, consuming less energy than traditional washing machines.

TCL Europe presents the latest innovations at Milan Design Week 2023

TCL highlights the powerful link between technology and sport

TCL has made engagement in the world of sports an important part of its global strategy. He has built a strong sponsorship program aimed at strengthening the influence of the brand around the world. In Europe, to accelerate and sustain its growth and strong ambitions, TCL has chosen to support several top teams and events in a cross section of competitive leagues. With several high profile sponsorships in multiple markets. TCL is the new premium partner of the Royal Spanish Football Federation until 2026 and is also the official partner of the Italian national football teams until 2026. As well as the iconic Arsenal Football Club in the UK and the Czech national football team.

Not just football

Besides football, TCL is also a partner of the French Rugby Federation (and its men’s and women’s teams at 15 and at 7 over a three-year period). And it is also a premium partner of the Győri Audi ETO KC handball team in Hungary and the Zagreb Handball Club handball team in Croatia. In 2023, to offer all sports fans an optimal and immersive viewing experience as if they were in the stadium, TCL will also expand its TCL collection of large screens with even more 65″ Mini LED and QLED TVs up to 98″.

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