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TCL unveils the new NXTWEAR S eyewear

The new TCL NXTWEAR S glasses, unveiled on Kickstarter with a special discount, let’s discover them together in this dedicated article

TCLa pioneer company in display technology and, in smart and quality experiences at affordable prices, launches on Kickstarter the new generation of wearable display glasses: NXTWEAR S. The new glasses will be on sale through the crowdfunding with a discount of 35% compared to the starting price of 449 dollarsFor a limited period of time.

Disengage from fixed screens

The TCL NXTWEAR S glasses are the new update of the previous ones TCL NXTWAR Air, with a series of functions that free users from fixed screens. Smart glasses offer a wide field of vision, equivalent to a 140 inches four meters away, with dual displays Micro OLED da 1080p which provide a private, high-quality projection space. TCL NXTWEAR S transform and improve the leisure activities of players and streamersanywhere and anytime.

TCL unveils the new NXTWEAR S eyewear

Like in the cinema

Immersive audio and display deliver a cinema-level experience. Audio is tuned to optimize high and low frequencies to produce clear, unimpeded and stable sound, while the speaker array is redistributed closer to the ear to improve volume. The image FHDflawlessly sharp, has a resolution of 47 pixel per grade (PPD) and coverage DCI-P3 higher than 90%. The high quality experience turns an ordinary journey into an epic journey.

Designed for comfort and practicality

NXTWEAR S are equipped with a frame that can be equipped with corrective lenses, to adapt to the style and individual needs of users, as well as being interchangeable. The ponte on the nose it is characterized by a curved and soft surface that makes prolonged use more comfortable.

The intuitive controls are positioned for ease of use: the volume is adjusted using a wheel on the left templewhile the right temple dial controls the brightness and mode switch 2D to 3D. The magnetic connector pogo-pin, located on the back of the right temple, easily connects to smart devices, game consoles and computers. TCL NXTWEAR S are compatible with over 100 devices Android e Windows equipped with door USB-C. The devices iOS are compatible with an adapter.

TCL unveils the new NXTWEAR S eyewear

Howie Li’s comment

Howie LiGeneral Manager of TCL Innovative Business Group, commented:

We have had great feedback from previous generations of eyewear and this plays a significant role in improving TCL product development. The NXTWEAR S eyewear has received some significant updates and we are thrilled to launch them on Kickstarter to offer buyers an exclusive, preview discount before the product becomes widely available in December.


Available exclusively on Kickstarterthe TCL NXTWEAR S campaign will run until November 10, giving consumers around the world the opportunity to experience high quality, affordable smart glasses. For more information on the connectivity of TCL NXTWEAR S glasses, we recommend that you visit the following link.

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